Stormy Case Tossed

PUBLISHED: 7:16 PM 8 Mar 2019

CNN Tries To Spin Trump Win: Judge Tosses Daniels Lawsuit For Good

Seriously, the judge agreed with the White House defense in every point, tossing out the case completely, but CNN still supported the idea it was a win for Daniels.

Stormy Daniels lawsuit trying to break her non-disclosure agreement has been tossed out of court.

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford sued President Trump concerning a non-disparagement agreement she made about a so-called affair she had with Him. After collecting $130,000, she then decided she did want to talk about the affair, but was warned that she would be libel to a breach of contract lawsuit.

So, the porn star decided to take the case to a California judge and have the non-disclosure agreement nullified.

However, she and her slime-ball attorney Michael Avenatti, lost big time yesterday when US District Judge James Otero tossed the case out of court.

Here’s the real kicker, CNN’s coverage claimed that Daniels had “won.”


Otero said the suit “lacks subject matter jurisdiction,” and by remanding the case back to where it was first filed, he made it clear that Stormy’s dreams of a rich payday were over.

CNN wrote, “By dismissing the case, the judge essentially gave Daniels what she wanted all along — to be able to tell her story without the fear of being sued for millions of dollars,” according t the lawyer who has recently lost millions from scamming one of his own partners.

“The court found that Ms. Daniels received everything she asked for by way of the lawsuit — she won,” Avenatti stated.

Of course, this is hard to actually claim with a straight face… or it would be for anyone who wasn’t a professional liar.

The ruling makes it clear that the non-disclosure agreement stands. If Daniels takes her story to the media, she will face swift and retribution from the president’s lawyers.

She can’t win. The law is on President Trump’s side.

“Otero is the same judge who also dismissed Daniels’ separate defamation cases against Trump and Cohen. In addition to dismissing the defamation lawsuit, Otero ordered Daniels to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees.”

One of President Trump’s lawyers, Charles Harder, told the liberal outlet, “The US District Court confirmed today that the claim against the President has no basis in law. Combined with the attorneys’ fees and sanctions award in the President’s favor totaling $293,000, the President has achieved total victory.”

“Clifford’s attorney would claim victory if he got run over by a bus,” added Brent Blakely, convicted liar Michael Cohen’s attorney, adding, “Clifford has lost every argument in these lawsuits since day one — her defamation cases have been dismissed and now the Court has granted EC’s motion regarding subject matter jurisdiction.”

So, it was a complete and utter victory for the president, but somehow, CNN presented the idea that he’d lost. Go figure.