CNN Gets Another Leak?

PUBLISHED: 6:29 PM 25 Jan 2019

CNN tipped Off By Mueller? FBI Leak Questioned As Reporter Claims ‘Instinct’

In what appeared to be a Hollywood inspired act, the Special Counsel’s indictment and arrest of Roger Stone was published like a coordinated media-led film, leading many people to speculate that Mueller’s team illegally leaked the information to CNN.

A CNN producer has claimed that his 'instinct' led him to camp out at Roger Stone's house one hour before the FBI raided it.

By now, there aren’t many people who haven’t seen the Hollywood-style footage of Roger Stone being arrested by FBI agents who look like they’re conducting a raid on a dangerous drug load.

However, many people have asked how CNN was there for the crucial moment. Producer David Shortell admitted that he was “waiting” outside Stone’s home at 5am, which was an hour before gung-ho gestapo-like agents took Stone into custody.

Stone was arrested, not for any collusion or coordination with WikiLeaks. He was arrested in a seven-count indictment (ham-sandwich) that includes one count of ‘obstruction,’ one count of ‘witness tampering,’ and five counts of ‘making false statements.’

The former associate of President Trump (way before the campaign, by the way) was arrested in the dark of night, but CNN and the special counsel seem to want Americans to believe that it was just a coincidence that they had film crews there to cover the ‘take down.’

Shortell gave an interview with New Day host Alisyn Camerota after the event. His happiness was barely contained as he explained “we were here at 5am waiting for whatever was going to happen – it was dark – 6am just after the hour about a half dozen police vehicles with sirens….pulled in front of this Ft. Lauderdale home where Roger Stone lives.”

Although there is absolutely nothing to this indictment (as long as Stone didn’t lie to the IRS) that could implicate President Trump, CNN and the left are just bursting with unholy glee. They are thrilled that Robert Mueller has charged the former advisor, but completely leave out the fact that none of these claims are proved, and getting an indictment like this is easy.

When asked why he was outside Stone’s home over an hour before the arrest when neither Stone or his attorney even knew the raid was coming, Shortell claimed that his “reporter’s instinct” was the reason.

Really? Reporter’s instinct?

He explained that he “thought maybe something was happening” because of “unusual Grand Jury activity in Washington DC yesterday.”

Of course, no other news outlet, with reporters in Washington, suspected that this would happen. CNN got the exclusive footage.

Earlier, former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren tweeted that the “FBI obviously tipped off CNN” before the raid, but later retracted it, saying that anyone could have given them the tip.

The arrest comes in the wake of recent congressional testimony transcript releases of a series of FBI/DOJ anti-Trump cabal participants like Lisa Page and James Baker.

This “actual” news, contained revelations that scores of law violations occurred, including the destruction of evidence, in an attempt to set up then-candidate Trump.

Although these violations are horrific, somehow, to the left, the bigger story is the latest special counsel ham-sandwich indictment.