CNN Panel Backfires

PUBLISHED: 6:08 PM 21 Sep 2018

CNN Segment Backfires When All-Woman Panel Says They Believe Kavanaugh

All five women on CNN's panel said they don't find Ford credible.

Sanders obliterated Acosta.

CNN impaneled a group of women to discuss the saga surrounding Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of groping her nearly 40 years ago, and it did not go as planned. In what many would agree was an obvious attempt to smear Kavanaugh, the segment backfired when all five women said they don’t believe Ford and blame her.

CNN host Randi Kaye began by asking the focus group if they believe Kavanaugh’s denial he ever sexually assaulting Ford and only vaguely remembers attending the alleged party.

All five women said they believe him, and unanimously agreed that he should be nominated for the Supreme Court. One woman explained that Ford was a young girl at the time and could be overly exaggerating what might have happened.

“We’re talking about a 15-year-old girl, which I respect. I’m a woman, I respect. But we’re talking about a 17-year-old boy, in high school, testosterone running high. Tell me what boy hasn’t done this in high school. Please, I would like to know,” one woman said.

Another woman cranked it up a notch, saying she had no sympathy for Ford and that she may just be jealous that he didn’t pay her any attention back then.

“I have no sympathy,” another woman said. “Perhaps maybe she had that moment she liked him. And maybe he didn’t pay attention to her afterwards and he went out with another girl, she got bigger, whatever the situation is, they’re kids.”

The other three women said they found it suspicious that Ford only recently decided to come forward with her allegations.

Kaye’s facial expression was also priceless, and she was clearly frustrated that the five women were not budging when she tried pushing the Left’s talking points.

The saga with Ford has taken many turns in the past week, almost changing daily. As many would agree, Democrats are pulling out all of the stops in an attempt to delay the process.

On Thursday, Ford’s legal team informed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, that she will only consider testifying if her conditions are met. Her legal team is demanding that only lawmakers, not lawyers, ask her questions. They are also mandating that Kavanaugh testify first and that he not be allowed in the same room as Ford.

Kavanaugh, who strongly denies the allegations, plans to testify on Monday before the Committee, but it doesn’t appear that Ford plans to appear until all of her demands have been met.

In fact, the five women who participated in CNN’s panel are not the only ones who have speculated about the accuracy of Ford’s claims.

Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, admitted earlier this week that she “can’t say everything’s truthful,” with what Ford alleges.

Republicans have been more than accommodating and have even offered to travel to California so Ford can privately testify — she has refused. Despite an obvious media blitz to help promote Ford and her unproven allegations, it appears voters still believe Kavanaugh and want him on the Supreme Court.

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