CNN Blocks Trump Ad

PUBLISHED: 7:33 PM 4 Oct 2019

CNN Refuses To Air This President Trump Reelection Video

The so-called ‘news’ outlet will not air the video because it doesn’t ‘meet’ their advertising standards.

The Cable ‘News’ Network has refused to broadcast a reelection campaign video of President Trump’s. The reason, the leftist outlet claims, is that it doesn’t meet their advertising standards.

Although CNN has the right to choose what sort of news it will report, so do others. Conservative Daily Post is adding it below.

The ad specifically addresses CNN, and the Washington Times reported:

CNN is refusing to air a new Trump reelection campaign ad that attacks the network’s prime-time anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as “lapdogs” for the Democratic Party.

The 30-second ad, titled “Biden Corruption,” highlights the controversy surrounding former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.


Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 27, 2019

“Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company,” a narrator says in the ad. “But when President Trump asks Ukraine to investigate corruption, the Democrats want to impeach him.

“And their media lapdogs fall in line,” the narrator says over footage of Mr. Lemon, Mr. Cuomo, CNN reporter Jim Acosta, and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

“They lost the election. Now they want to steal this one. Don’t let them,” the ad concludes.

Mr. Trump tweeted the ad out on Friday, writing, “I AM DRAINING THE SWAMP!”

CNN told The Daily Beast on Thursday that it was rejecting the ad.

“CNN is rejecting the ad, as it does not meet our advertising standards,” a network spokesperson told the outlet. “Specifically, in addition to disparaging CNN and its journalists, the ad makes assertions that have been proven demonstrably false by various news outlets, including CNN.”

The Trump campaign said CNN’s response was unsurprising.

“CNN spends all day protecting Joe Biden in their programming, so it’s not surprising that they’re shielding him from truthful advertising too, and then talking to other media outlets about it,” said Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh, The Daily Beast reported. “Our ad is entirely accurate and was reviewed by counsel, and CNN wouldn’t even describe to us what they found objectionable. This isn’t a cable news channel anymore, it’s a Democrat public relations firm.”

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