PUBLISHED: 10:38 PM 20 Feb 2017

CNN In Code Red: Federal Judge Rules Network Used Fake News To Bring Malice On Whistleblower


Now even judges are ruling the CNN is fake news.

While the common man or woman can easily relate to the facts put forth by president Donald Trump, the media has had a truly impossible time attempting the same. This has been the case with CNN, the news network that has attempted to cover for its history of lying and half-truths by framing the discussion as “Trump is against the free press.” While this may make for a whine ridden piece of scribble for the CNN headlines, the truth is that Trump is not against open and fair reporting. He is not even against those that do not agree with him. What he is very much opposed to, however, is slander, liable, and outright dishonesty.

Those that dispel the notion that CNN is dishonest in virtually every way imaginable simply because Donald Trump says it can now start to believe the truth since someone else has said it, which is the way that things tend to go with the left. Just as they were quick to smear Wikileaks for exposing truths that they never explained, so it is that facts can never be “facts” unless CNN likes the source of the facts. This time, the source is none other than the federal courts that Democrats and SJW’s love so very much.


Donald Trump has been proven right about CNN not being honest by a court of law.

Atlanta Judge Orinda Evans has ruled that CNN purposefully “skewed statistics” in the news against a hospital CEO, David Carbone, in order to make the facts appear against him, therefore harming his claim. That bit of legal speak is saying that CNN has used fake news tactics to run a story with a certain desired lean, and it has been noted now as a matter of legal, public record. Forget about the half-reliable Snopes, we now have a judge taking notice.

Carbone filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN for a “series of false and defamatory news reports,” regarding infant death and mortality rates at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida. He said furthermore that CNN “intentionally” overlooked any data that would have shown a more factual account of the same death rates. So we now have an INTENTIONAL display of CNN trying to defame and misrepresent facts and the proof has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump; just as libertarians and those on the Constitutional right have long said. Trump is but a mirror of what others have long, long seen.

CPB David Carbone

CNN purposefully pushed defamatory news about CEO Carbone while ignoring facts that showed him to be innocent.

Carbone’s lawyer, L. Lin Wood, summed up the facts as, “In our case, we contended that CNN essentially made up its own standard in order to conduct an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison to support its false assertion that St. Mary’s mortality rate was 3 times higher than the national average. Accordingly, the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.” The fallout from the untrue coverage was that Carbone not only lost his career, but no one wanted to hire the man within his field of hospital management after CNN said that he was allowing babies to needlessly die. For those who may not know, that is not protected by the First Amendment; that is slander.

Judge Evans has wisely ruled that the case may proceed and that CNN may have employed “actual malice” against Carbone. “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice,” the words in the Evans order reads. It has been pointed out that such words are the kinds of words that judges use when finding possible grounds for defamation. This sounds a lot like what we have seen and heard from Donald Trump and those that have been attacked with lies in the past, such as Ron Paul.


L. Lin Wood is a lawyer standing up for his client against an unfair and fake news CNN attack and smear piece that has ruined his career.

We know that CNN has been caught pushing a large number of stories that are not real, then calling anyone who points out that facts as, “fake.” The problem is that the big corporate lie does not work any longer. Just as we can see that neither Trump nor his supporters are racist or sexist, so it is that we can see that the mind rot that CNN calls facts is nothing but leftist, liberal talking points. We can see that Podesta is tied to satanism via spirit cooking, even if CNN is trying to get us to blame Putin or Assange. It does not matter if Putin HAD given the leak to the media (which he did not) because it does not alter the facts found WITHIN the leak. When CNN refused to address this very real fact, then they were seen through as easily as a snake oil salesman.

The people know the difference between news that is given with a lean and when facts are seen. When the left and CNN come out saying that there can be “NO DEBATE, the science is in,” regarding climate change when we can see the science that is proving it to be a lie, no matter how much CNN crows, we know that it is fake. They can not make it so just because they say it, for the facts say otherwise.


CNN has long pushed the fake news of climate change, and people are starting to tire of the lies.

CNN has fallen victim to the dumbed down America that they have helped to create. It was the media that sold us cell phones and computers, and with it, the ability to study and learn facts apart from the mainstream media that is daily feeding us false narratives in an effort to hand the nation over to a socialist agenda, deeply in bed with a New World Order/One world government. CNN can’t stop the knowledge from circulating that the truth is usually far removed from the headlines and drivel that fall from their talking heads like drool from a man on a psychiatric ward who’s been put on too many meds.

Now that a Judge has ruled that CNN has defamed a man, or at least that his case merits a look at such facts, then even the “Never Trump” losers on the left will now see that the news has lied greatly to them. Maybe they will see that the reasons that they hate Trump are not even rooted in reality, but lies. Sadly, they won’t understand that if they keep watching CNN because facts such as those are not welcomed with any regularity on that channel. It is now provable.