CNN Guest Calls Blacks “Slaves”

PUBLISHED: 2:06 AM 30 Jan 2018

CNN Guest Makes BIG Mistake, “Slaves” Used

If it had been a conservative, liberals would be outraged.

The network is likely hoping that nobody noticed this slip.

A CNN guest is in deep trouble after making some unfortunate remarks against black Americans live on air. Believe it or not, while he didn’t refer to them by using the N-word, he was extremely discriminatory by calling them “slaves.” Logically, this episode immediately became viral on social media.

As reported by The Daily Wire, it all happened on a segment that aired over the weekend, when Professor of Sociology at Queens College Andrew Beveridge made the controversial remarks.

While discussing an upcoming decision from the Department of Justice, this CNN guest accidentally referred to African-Americans as “slaves.” The show where he made these comments was CNN’s “Smerconish” with host Michael Smerconish.

Naturally, this was something quite terrible not only for the professor but also for the show and its host. After all, this is not exactly the most popular figure in the liberal news network, and this incident promises to have a very unpleasant backlash.

On the show, Beveridge was discussing with Smerconish about an upcoming decision from the Department of Justice about the implications of the department asking individuals whether they are U.S. citizens in the 2020 census.

Naturally, this is a really hot topic where every single side of the U.S. political spectrum already has a very strong stance. In fact, analysts believe this would definitely become one of the most delicate topics for Democrats and Republicans in the next elections.

In one part of the show, Smerconish asked the professor about redistricting. After that, it all came down to Beveridge, considering the controversial answer he provided in front of the cameras. Basically, thousands of America watched and heard what he said.

“Ever since the 14th amendment, all people in the United States have been counted, women, children, slave–ugh blacks, non-citizens, etc,” the professor pointed out. As you can imagine, it was a very comfortable moment both for Beveridge and the CNN host.

Naturally, the professor immediately tried to divert attention in the most effective way in order to make everyone forget about his unpleasant accident. As you can imagine, his strategy was nothing more than to attack Republicans.

Just after he referred to African-Americans as slaves, the professor said that the cornerstone of this issue from a point of view of the Republican redistricters is to make every single effort to get these people out.

He explained that Republicans redistricters want to do this because he pointed out it would radically change “a loss of districts across the country and it would rural areas.” Naturally, everyone was in silence when he was making these explanations.

Furthermore, Beveridge said that he really thinks Republicans will try to get these people out because this would help the outer ring suburbs that are largely very affluent, that are largely citizen, and that are “largely white.”

Finally, in order to divert attention from what he said, the professor pointed out that another reason why the Republicans would try to get these people out is that retirement areas would have “ a much better count.”

Naturally, the professor was executing the most effective strategy, at least for a liberal audience. After all, it is quite famous the way CNN has demonized Republicans and conservatives over the last few years.

With President Donald Trump, the liberal news network has deployed its full artillery in order to attack him in the most aggressive way that Americans remember. As a matter of fact, several studies have already highlighted the anti-Trump bias not only on this network but also on MSNBC.

In addition to the U.S. president, CNN has also been quite aggressive with some other important Republican figures. In fact, this network was extremely critical with almost every single candidate in the GOP primaries.

One of the most notorious cases was when Mitt Romney was the GOP candidate against Barack Obama back in 2012. On that time, CNN and the entire mainstream media provided to most infamous attacks on Romney, to the point where they even called him a misogynist.

In addition to Republican figures, CNN has also been extremely aggressive against the conservative media outlets. Naturally, this is almost a mandatory action for this liberal news network considering how they usually don’t cover what the conservative counterpart does.

Given the fact that this is something that could hit its credibility, it is more useful to demonize the faction that sends those messages rather than covering them. After all, CNN usually makes its biggest effort to prevent releasing something that could hurt the Democratic agenda.

Knowing all of this, the professor Andrew Beveridge knew that providing a long anti-conservative remark was the best strategy to make everyone ignore the unfortunate remark he made live on air.