CNN, Comey Link

PUBLISHED: 8:19 PM 23 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 9:08 PM 23 Apr 2018

CNN Connection Revealed In Comey Memos, Dossier Leaks Uncovered

CNN pushed Comey’s meeting with Trump to allow the dossier leaks.

Comey’s memos prove that top law enforcement officials conspired directly with CNN to weaponize the DOJ and FBI.

James Comey threw Obama’s Department of Justice to the wolves. Four “memos” released this weekend by the DOJ reveal that CNN used Valerie Jarrett’s family as a “back-channel” connection to pressure Comey into setting up President-elect Trump.

A few convenient leaks from “multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings” was all CNN needed. That gave Christopher Steele’s previously unprintable garbage enough credibility to start Robert Mueller’s witch hunt. Those officials probably were Jarrett, Eric Holder, and James Clapper.

One of Valerie Jarrett’s key talents was assigning “friends and former employees” to important government positions. “You can be my person over there,” is one of her favorite phrases. It is not surprising that her daughter, Laura Jarrett, ended up with the job of reporting on the Department of Justice for CNN.

Even more interesting is the timing. Laura Jarrett was quietly given the job in September of 2016. She had no experience in Journalism.

Comey’s memos prove that top law enforcement officials conspired directly with CNN to weaponize the DOJ and FBI. It was an obvious attempt to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Just telling Donald Trump that the unfounded allegations were blowing around in the Washington wind was enough to give CNN the legitimacy they needed to run the story. Anything to help Hillary, the Justice Department branch of her fan club, agreed.

James Clapper, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence was the one who put Comey up to telling Trump. Comey swears he was there to warn Donald Trump, not to give the salacious dossier the legitimacy the leftist media needed.

“I said media like CNN had [the dossier] and were looking for a news hook,” Comey wrote. “I said it was inflammatory stuff that they would get killed for reporting straight up from the source reports,” he added.

He was used as a scapegoat, Comey insists. As soon as he left Trump Tower, somebody was on the phone to CNN, telling them all about the meeting. Comey was tricked into baiting the very “hook” the media fishing expedition into Russian collusion needed.

“Extremely well-placed sources,” told CNN that “the Obama administration’s top intelligence appointees had briefed Obama, Biden, and Trump all about a dossier they took incredibly seriously and considered credible.”

When Valerie Jarrett worked in the White House as a senior advisor, she was known as “the Obama Whisperer.” Barack Obama consulted her on every decision. Michelle was jealous because Jarrett spent more time with him than she did.

She did much more than simply order Obama around. “Her role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West Wing,” former Obama administrator Anita Dunn relates. “Broader, even, than the role of running the West Wing.”

When Valerie Jarrett said hop, Eric Holder jumped. It was her decision to send him off to Ferguson, Missouri as the face in front of the camera after the Michal Brown shooting decision prompted riots and looting. Holder was James Comey’s direct supervisor at the time.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid millions to former CNN reporter Glenn Simpson, and his company Fusion GPS, to dig up dirt they could use against Donald Trump. Fusion put Christopher Steele on the case and armed him with a briefcase full of rubles.

Steele passed out cash all over Moscow while former KGB spies took full advantage of his liquor, hospitality, and coin to fill him full of outlandish tales. The more they talked, the more he paid. It didn’t matter one bit to anyone if it was true or not as long as it sounded scandalous.

Once he had enough to collect into a 45-page “dossier,” Fusion GPS tried to shop it to the press. They could not get anyone to print it because none of the allegations had any proof at all to back them up.

When that didn’t work, they took the file to the FBI, who bought it hook line and sinker. They also took it to John McCain, hoping he would leak it. Instead, he frustrated Simpson and his pals by handing it over to the FBI for investigation. Thanks, they told McCain, but they already had a copy.

Now that CNN had broken the ice, talking about the dossier was no longer taboo. Other media outlets printed story after story describing how evil President Trump has been practically working for the Kremlin.

The FBI matched up stories that used dossier information without referring to where it came from, and used it to get a warrant to tap the phones in Trump Tower. Carter Page was a Russian agent, they told the judge, the dossier says so and these stories that don’t mention the dossier say so too.

There is another thing about Comey’s memos that has him wondering about his future.

Comey wrote a total of seven memos, four of them were classified. There is already hard evidence that “Comey leaked four memos to his friend for him to turn around and leak to the media.” Because only three were declassified, at least one had to be secret. Disclosing it is a crime.