CNN Bashes Kanye

PUBLISHED: 8:43 PM 11 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:52 PM 11 Oct 2018

CNN Commentators Spark Outrage Following Racist Comments About Kanye West

They reportedly called the Trump-supporting rapper a “token negro” and suggested that he is an example of what happens when “negroes don’t read.”

During a recent segment on CNN, host Don Lemon and his guests Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer labeled rapper Kanye West a “token negro” and suggested that he’s what happens when “negroes don’t read” (pictured above).

Just recently, CNN appeared to go “full blown racist” after several liberal commentators for the news outlet labeled rapper Kanye West, who’s a well-known and extremely outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, a “token negro” and suggested that he is an example of what happens when “negroes don’t read.”

Unsurprisingly, their comments, which many understand to be blatantly racist, subsequently sparked a massive amount of outrage and left countless wondering where the figurative tar and feathers are.  

Specifically, during a recent episode of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” host Don Lemon questioned liberal guest Bakari Sellers about whether or not he believes that President Donald Trump is just using West to get more black supporters.

“Bakari, do you think Trump is just using Kanye as a prop to win over black voters before the midterms?” asked the CNN host, while Tara Setmayer, who was also a liberal guest on the show, nodded her head vigorously.  

By asking him this, Lemon seemed to be suggesting that the relationship between West and the president was strategic instead of genuine, presumably because he can’t fathom how a black person could support the president.

“I’m not sure he’s using him as a prop per-se, but Kanye West has done with Trump is what other people have done who have gravitated into his orbit which is to just shower him with adulation, for what reason I have no idea,” replied Sellers, essentially dismissing the implication that the rapper was being used.

“But my issue with Kanye is quite simple,” he continued, adding, “it’s that anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool.”  

Sellers then claimed that West is somehow incapable of speaking intelligently about political issues such as criminal justice reform because he supposedly “lacks the depth,” which many agree is an utterly absurd thing to say.

“Just the other day, he was talking about STEM programs and how we needed to have more STEM programs and had to turn around and ask his colleague ‘what does STEM mean?’” he clarified, as if that showed that West doesn’t understand the importance of supporting STEM education over other fields like gender studies and fine arts.

Many, however, would agree that what matters is not whether or not he knows all of the words of an acronym, but rather if he actually grasps the important reasons for promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

“And so Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read,” Sellers added, noting, “and we have this now. And Donald Trump is going to use it and pervert it and he’s going to have somebody who can stand with him and take pictures.”

Upon hearing Sellers claim, quite unbelievably, that West is an example of what happens when black people do not read, which means that he’s basically stupid, Scott Jennings, who’s a conservative commentator for CNN and apparently the only sane person there in the segment, expressed clear and understandable shock. Lemon and Setmayer, on the other hand, giggled uncontrollably.

“I’m just looking at Scott’s face!” exclaimed Lemon during his fit of laughter.

“Scott’s like ‘whoa! Okay!’” he added while still laughing about Jennings utter shock, which numerous agree was simply the reaction any decent human would have had to vile and extremely hateful comments.

“It’s a Chris Rock reference, by the way…go back and watch the old standups from the 90s, Scott,” Setmayer then added as if that justified the vicious comments against the Trump-supporting rapper.

“What’s funny to me is to watch all these white people behind Donald Trump clapping away at the name of Kanye West when it wasn’t that long ago that Kanye West said that George W. Bush doesn’t like black people after Hurricane Katrina,” continued the female guest a bit later in the discussion, bringing race into the discussion yet again.   

“But now all of a sudden, Kanye, because he’s put on a MAGA hat and he’s an attention whore like the president, he’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson, the token negro, of the Trump administration?” she added, noting, “this is ridiculous! And no one should be taking Kanye West seriously. He clearly has issues.”

In the wake of the interview, countless people were left absolutely furious by their hateful comments. One of the people most upset by what was said was Candace Owens, who’s a well-known conservative commentator and director of communications for Turning Point USA, which is a conservative advocacy group.

“Last night on [CNN], Kanye West was called a ‘token negro’ and a ‘dumb negro.’ I want you guys to imagine if those words were EVER uttered on [Fox News],” Owens tweeted upon watching the interview.

“CNN has finally committed to going full blown RACIST,” she continued, adding, “they want their slaves back.”

Owens also condemned the interview segment while speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

“It was not only racist — it was absolutely despicable,” she reasoned while speaking to Ingraham on the news network.

“I cannot believe it would be allowed on any network, least of all having a host that’s laughing as if it’s funny,” continued the conservative commentator.

“The anger is masking their insecurity. They are terrified. They were not predicting this,” she added, noting, “they had no idea that there was any chance that conservatives might come after the culture war.”

To clarify, she stated, “they won the culture war a long time ago, so for Kanye West to stand up and to say, ‘I support Donald Trump’ — that terrifies them. So they’re going to say whatever they can to smear him to make sure that no other black people wake up and understand that it has been the Left that has harmed our community.”

Sadly, it is fairly common for leftists to ruthlessly bash President Trump and his supporters.

For example, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) claimed several weeks ago that “something” has to happen to the president or else he may undermine democracy all across the entire planet.

A few days before the California governor targeted Trump, The Washington Post published an opinion piece suggesting that part of the destruction caused by natural disasters can be partly blamed on the president. This is because, according to the well-known liberal news outlet, he has been understandably skeptical about climate change and so far refused to support any burdensome environmental regulations.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) also recently lashed out at Trump. Specifically, while speaking at an event hosted in California, Rep. Waters, who many consider completely unhinged, claimed the president was a liar and seemed to celebrate making conservatives feel unsafe.  

Before that, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who was impeached as a federal judge for being corrupt and engaging in perjury, jokingly claimed that it would be a “catastrophe” if someone saw Trump drowning in a river and decided to save him.

Prior to that, former President Barack Obama appeared to suggest that his successor was a liar while criticizing dishonest world leaders. The former president also seemed to imply that democracy could be undone by Trump.