CNN Literally Targets Trump

PUBLISHED: 3:39 PM 16 May 2018

CNN Commentator Deletes Tweet Showing Trump In Crosshairs

Chris Cillizza tweeted a graphic of Trump is crosshairs, then deleted it after major blowback.

CNN busted for graphic showing crosshairs on Trump.

CNN’s Editor-at-Large posted and then quickly deleted a graphic depicting President Donald Trump in the crosshairs of a weapon, leading many to believe the liberal network was implying a target on the president, according to Fox News.

He claims the violent graphic he created was “unintentional” and blamed the default setting on the program he used. Chris Cillizza is hardly sorry for his actions. Such an excuse shows his arrogant belief that American citizens are too stupid to think for themselves. We know very well it wasn’t a mistake. He just refuses to fess up.

On Tuesday, Cillizza tweeted out an imagine featuring a target over Trump‘s picture, where he captioned the photo as the president pointing to the heavens during an event at the White House to honor police officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Not long after the tweet was sent on on Tuesday morning, Cillizza deleted the post, but social media users captured screenshots of it before he officially removed it.

Here’s his original tweet:

A few minutes later, Independent Journal Review Editor, Caleb Hull, uploaded two recent tweets from Cillizza proving he’s a total hypocrite.

One screenshot from Hull features the graphic with Trump in crosshairs, and the other shows a tweet from Cillizza claiming that reporters “don’t root for a side,” which we know to be a complete and total lie.

Here’s Hull’s tweet:

After Cillizza was getting hammered on Twitter for his original tweet, he deleted it and claimed he made a mistake with the graphic.

CNN’s top editor blamed the program he used to create the graphic for placing the target crosshairs on Trump, completely shifting any responsibility.

Here’s Cillizza’s “correction” tweet and explanation for what he claims happened:

In a statement to Fox News, CNN acted as if the GIF was no big deal at all, and said the network had nothing else to say about it.

There are obviously several major issues with Cillizza’s graphic and his response to the entire controversy.

Imagine the outrage if a Fox News editor or commentator created and uploaded a graphic that depicted a target on former President Barack Obama.  The liberal media would lose its mind and demand the Fox contributor be fired.

Even if Cillizza made an honest mistake with the graphic and didn’t have any underlying motives, it speaks volumes that a top editor at CNN wouldn’t double check his work before publishing it to hundreds of thousands of people. On his Twitter account alone, where he sent out the graphic, Cillizza has 670,000 followers.

Did he not even notice that he created a graphic that depicted a target over the president of the U.S.?

CNN is apparently so oblivious to its never-ending anti-Trump rhetoric, that casually creating a GIF showing cross-hairs over a sitting president doesn’t even give them pause.