PUBLISHED: 8:07 PM 19 Aug 2017

CNN: Antifa Liberals “Seek Peace Through Violence”

CNN's Latest Piece Doesn't Denounce The Violence Antifa Takes.

CNN's Latest Piece Doesn't Denounce The Violence Antifa Takes.

CNN’s Latest Piece Doesn’t Denounce The Violence Antifa Takes.

CNN has raised a lot of eyebrows in their reporting in the short tenure of President Trump. Their reporting is heavily slanted to the left as they try and defend screen time given to people that are inciting violence. Their latest political piece centers on the far-left group Antifa.

CNN’s headline defends the violent movement by saying they want to “Seek peace through violence.” That is the biggest oxymoron on the planet, and yet CNN attempts to defend them. The piece goes through their history, saying they were recently “spurred to action by Trump.”

So defending violence is okay if it’s against a President that they don’t care for? They claim it’s about “self-defense” even though they’re not defending against anything. Making matters worse is that CNN doesn’t denounce this action at all.

There is no way that peace can be achieved through violence. They’re two separate entities. Yet that is what these Antifa activists are going to do. Hopefully there is enough prison cells available.