PUBLISHED: 10:52 PM 6 Jan 2017

CNN And ABC News In Panic Mode, Trump Set To Ignore Them And Do THIS Instead As President

Tweet This! You Lost.

Tweet This! You Lost.

Tweet This! You Lost.

Donald Trump has set mainstream media on its head by reaching out directly to the people via Twitter.  Hillary Clinton made fun of him using social media in the Presidential debates, and in turn, so did CNN and ABC.

They’re not laughing anymore. Trump senior aid Kellyanne Conway just announced that President-elect Trump will continue using social media after he takes office. He will continue with the style and direct communication that helped get him elected.

Clinton will never get that. Her now infamous statements to Wall Street bankers that she took differing public and private stances on issues has come home to roost. There’s no doubt where Donald Trump stands, public or private.

At first the networks, like Clinton, called Trump’s use of Twitter as laughable. Then, they called it unPresidential. They even cited it as one of the reasons he was unfit to hold the office. Funny how things turned out, isn’t it?

No longer did a Presidential candidate need the media get out the word. Trump made his own news. The elitist left snickered while the American people listened. He dictated what was covered, not the media. The news outlets were no longer able to silence the message by denying coverage. This was and is huge.

The liberal news establishment has been accustomed to stacking the deck for decades. Obama screamed about Russians rigging the elections and CNN ran with it. Never mind they’ve been doing that for years by controlling what information they allowed to become available to the public.

No better example of that were the debates themselves. They were not moderated debates. Each one was a well-orchestrated ambush against Donald Trump. The strategy of taking the message directly to the American people is not unprecedented. Ronald Reagan did this quite effectively. He didn’t have the technical tools available today, but the “Great Communicator” knew how to forward his agenda.

Both the mainstream media and the polls missed the mark back then too. They both showed the elections much closer than they were. Of course, Reagan won in landslides in 1980 and again in 1984. He had a mandate. Capitol Hill failed to heed the message.

Reagan was dealing with a split Congress and House Democrats were slowing the passage of his proposed legislation. The gridlock was resulting in little or no progress being made, particularly on fiscal matters. He made a bold and extraordinary move by using the airways to reach out directly to the American people.

The Great Communicator

The Great Communicator

Lawmakers and the media screamed foul. Calls and letters began to pour into Congressional Members from their constituents. Suddenly, all those that were dragging their feet on legislation, were on the hot seat.  Reagan won re-election by the largest Electoral College victory in history.

There’re a lot of similarities between the two men. Both were successful and self-made before they took office. Trump, like Reagan, is a conservative. Everyone knew and knows, these two great men mean what they say.

It’s no accident the hostages in Iran were freed the very day Reagan was sworn in. They knew what he would do. When Trump is inaugurated, progress in negotiations and relations will once again be in our favor.

This can’t be made more clear than the meltdown mainstream media is now experiencing. CNN just published a report saying that the media should stop covering Trump’s Tweets. They don’t understand he doesn’t care if they do or not, especially CNN. His Tweets reach the people no matter if they cover it or not. That’s what news outlets hate about it.

In the report, they write that “Americans need for the media to be a trustworthy watchdog.” That somehow, we poor misguided subjects are so easily duped that we need CNN to protect us all. MSNBC’s Joy Reid is advocating a media blackout on all Trump Tweets.

They cite that he should submit himself to a news conference instead where he must answer their questions. In other words, all communication with the people should be through them. They should know by now they can’t intimidate him. They’re flipping out. MSNBC’s Bonny Fuller is begging Trump to stop Tweeting before he gets hacked and “puts us all in danger. Who does she think he is, Hillary Clinton? Who had classified emails hacked off a private server?

There’s no better way to judge the effectiveness of his use of social media than who chooses to follow it. Tech giants in Silicon Valley have assigned in-house personnel to monitor them full time. The North Koreans have assigned officers to do the same thing. Trump doesn’t need the media. It’s the other way around.

The danger comes from how the leftist media spins what he says. Trump stated that we must upgrade our nuclear arsenal. They spun that to say he wants to start a nuclear arms race. Their level of hysteria has reached new heights, even for them. The main stream media hate Donald Trump for several reasons. The first is he proved them all wrong. They all have so much egg on their faces they’ll do anything to distract from it. They started to make up excuses as to why they were wrong.

Reaching Out!

Reaching Out!

The Russians did it! This bandwagon is the biggest joke of them all. They hack us and we hack them. It had absolutely nothing to do with the results of the election. They use that along with an attempt to paint Trump as a Putin supporter.

Coverage now is comical. The liberal bias in the media has backfired. The American people turned out not to be as stupid as they thought.

Donald Trump is going to make America great again. He caters to nobody and has this country’s interests at heart. No other country or agenda will come before the United States while he’s President. The news media better be careful. They misjudged the election and they’re not calling the shots anymore.

That’s what scares them the most–they know they cannot control him!