Schumer Looks Stupid

PUBLISHED: 5:49 PM 3 Apr 2020

Clueless: Schumer Showed Up As “MIA” After Blasting Trump For Lack Of “Senior Military Officer”

The president totally burned Chuck Schumer and exposed the fact that he is clueless concerning the needs of the people of his state.

Designed to support a narrative that Trump is somehow culpable in the virus outbreak, which is demonstrably untrue. (Source: CSPAN YouTube Screenshot)

Chuck Schumer, a career democrat who has spent his life in ‘public’ office and often says the most idiotic things, got showed up for the phony he is by President Trump.

Schumer demanded to have a “senior military official” in charge of the supply chain, apparently, completely unaware that one had already been appointed.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

The always political Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent a letter to President Trump today saying it was “long past the time” to name a senior military officer to lead the supply-chain effort.

Senator Schumer was attempting to construct a political narrative around the administration not taking action to secure U.S. supply needs combating COVID-19.

The letter was/is ridiculous; and built upon an entirely false premise; because Admiral John Polowczyk is already in that supply-chain procurement and distribution position working closely with Peter Navarro after the invocation of the Defense Production Act.

Replying to the ridiculous Schumer letter, President Trump calls out his stupidity:


This letter follows a tweet earlier in the day calling out Chuck Schumer for being a political idiot.

Given his recent ‘demand,’ it seems highly accurate.