PUBLISHED: 5:49 PM 21 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 11:48 PM 21 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Closed Door Deal Exposed, Senate GOP Announces Next “Compromise” As Leftists Rejoice

Republicans have a great deal of leverage, will they be able to wield it effectively though?

Republicans have a great deal of leverage, will they be able to wield it effectively though?

Mitch McConnell(R-KY) is planning to bring legislation forward in January that may extend protections for illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) program. The extended protections will only be short term and in exchange for border security measures and a reduction in the amount of immigrants allowed into the United States annually, he says. Republicans have strong leverage considering democrats are desperate not to let Obama era DACA protections expire.

Funding a border wall is one measure republicans should insist be baked into the proposed legislation, but extending amnesty for a bunch of criminals is wrong. A southern border wall will keep foreign nationals from simply waltzing into the country like they own the place. Building the wall would also energize Trump’s base who would see the wall as tangible proof of Trump making good on his campaign promise.

Republicans could also insist on changing our immigration policy to a merit based system where only those who add value to our country would be permitted entry. The United States should not be importing people who become leeches upon arrival, draining our social safety nets Americans pay for. As it stands, immigrants are more likely to go on welfare than the native population who paid for the system.

Another measure republicans could insist on is ending the disastrous policy of chain migration. Allowing immigrants to import their families drastically increases the number of foreign nationals we admit without considering how they will impact our country. Foreign nationals should all be treated equally when assessing their application for entry. This policy would also reduce the number of applicants because many would reconsider their desire to immigrate, if they knew it meant abandoning their family permanently.

The leverage republicans hold over democrats could also be used to negotiate a drastic reduction, or possibly elimination, of work visas. Instead of importing hordes of cheap labor from third world countries, companies would be forced to train and hire Americans. With less competition in the labor market, Americans could look forward to higher wages, and better benefits packages, as employers find themselves competing for labor.

The bastardization of the Fourteenth Amendment could be remedied as well. Addressing birthright citizenship will also help deter migration. The United States and Canada are the only developed nations in the world that have this policy because all other developed nations understand how self-destructive it is for a country, especially a wealthy country. Anchor babies could potentially be a thing of the past if republicans force an honest interpretation of the amendment.

The legislation proposed will only offer temporary protections for current DACA recipients. Once these protections expire we could send the illegals out. Their parents irresponsible and illegal smuggling of them does not mean they should continue to enjoy spoils of ill gotten gains. If their parents robbed a bank their children would not be entitled to the money. Their parents robbed Americans and they have already received far more than they were entitled to, they should be grateful for the boon the experience has been for them.

Of course, if you give democrats an inch, they take a mile and then demand more.

Pictured here with his wife, Jeb Bush is known for being low energy and prioritizing demands of illegal immigrants over the will of the American people.

Sending this currently protected class of illegal immigrants back to their homelands will allow them to enrich those countries in the ways democrats insist they enrich ours. They can use the education provided for them at the expense of American children to become productive members of their respective countries, opening businesses and joining the public sector to shape their nations to reflect the one that gave them so much. Our nation and their nations would mutually benefit from their deportation from the land which they do not belong.

Democrats are in a tight spot, and allowing DACA protections to run out for any reason would be a huge blow for them. If they do not agree to whatever terms republicans put forth, their most ardent advocates will disappear. Not being agreeable would cause their movement backing illegal immigrants to shrink drastically and serve the growing nationalist movement well. Putting America and Americans first resonates with the people of this great land.

Republicans have been weak in the past, and some, like Jeb Bush, supported a path to citizenship, making it a cornerstone of his failed presidential campaign. It is time for the strong to overcome the weak. Republicans are holding all the cards and this could mean a huge win for the future of America if they play them right.