Clock-Boy Suit Dismissed

PUBLISHED: 8:04 PM 15 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 9:20 PM 15 Mar 2018

“Clock Boy” Lawsuit Dismissed, Civil Rights Were Not Violated

He was arrested because teachers thought the homemade clock might be a bomb.

The court determined that 'Clock Boy' did not have his rights violated, nor was he treated any differently than any other student in a similar situation would have been. His lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the filing cannot be amended and re-filed, effectively ending the case.

On September 14, 2015, a young man who would come to be known as ‘Clock Boy’ brought a ‘clock’ he claimed he made at home to MacArthur High School where he was a student. Teachers were concerned because the ‘clock’ that he claimed he built (there’s ample evidence he didn’t) looked more like a bomb, and ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed, was causing a scene with it. Due to Mohamed’s actions, the principal was notified and the ‘clock’ was confiscated, leading police to get involved and bring him to the local police station in Irving, Texas.

On Tuesday, March 13, the lawsuit brought by Mohamed and his family against the city of Irving, as well as various named individuals, was rejected by United States District Judge Sam Lindsay, who suggested that the discrimination lawsuit had no basis. This is the second time such a lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Sam Lindsay concerning the incident. The judge ruled that in no way were Ahmed’s rights violated, and that his family didn’t deserve financial damages. Even Obama knew this to be true.

Not only did Judge Lindsay dismiss the lawsuit, though; he dismissed it with prejudice, a legal term that means that the lawsuit cannot be amended and re-filed with the court. This is likely means to suggest that the lawsuit is without merit in its entirety.

In May 2017, Judge Lindsay dismissed a similar suit from the family.

The suit, brought by the Mohamed family, claimed that Ahmed Mohamed was discriminated against in the response to the ‘clock’ that he ‘built from scratch’ and brought in to show his teachers.

It contended that penalizing Ahmed Mohamed with a suspension and taking him to the police station was discriminatory and that a similar student who was of a different race and/or religion would not have received the same treatment.

But local officials, teachers, students, and police said that they treated him no differently than anyone who brought what looked like a bomb to school would’ve been treated.

‘Clock Boy’s’ story spread far and wide after he was removed from school for bringing his ‘homemade’ clock to school and even resulted in him getting to meet Barack Obama in the White House.

However, reporting on the story was fairly dishonest.

To begin with, he claimed that he was removed from class just because he had the clock.

He was removed because the clock looked like a bomb.

There’s also no evidence that he ever actually ‘built’ the clock.

The clock featured pieces that no amateur could manufacture at home.

The picture of Ahmed Mohamed with a soldering iron in his hand also looked staged, as he was improperly holding the iron in a way that would have caused him to burn his hand.

Further, YouTubers actually discovered a modern commonly-made electric clock that looked and operated precisely the same as the one that ‘Clock Boy’ ‘built.’

In other words, despite claims that he ‘built’ something, he essentially took something apart, cut holes out of a container, and then reassembled it. That’s not ‘skilled engineering’ that local media boasted of; that’s something anyone with a soldering iron can do.

Media outlets also attempted to claim that ‘Clock Boy’ was charged with making a hoax bomb, which is incorrect. Irving police never ‘charged’ ‘Clock Boy’ with anything.

They performed a legal arrest, and their probable cause basis was that he had a device that could have been a bomb and he was causing an uproar in school.

Ahmed Mohamed was taken to a police station, was never handcuffed, and his device was inspected. Police asked him questions about why he brought it to school and then released him.

Ahmed Mohammed and his family threatened to sue almost immediately.

In November 2015, the Mohamed family threatened to sue Irving and the Irving Independent School District if they didn’t pay $15 million to the family and offer a public apology. Irving refused to offer anything in settlement.

In return, the Mohamed family filed three lawsuits.

The first suit, filed against the city of Irving and its school district, sought ‘unspecified’ damages.

This suit was dismissed by Judge Lindsay, who stated in his decision that the principal of the school district, Daniel Cummings, was expected to be responsible for “the safety of students and others on campus.”

Lindsay further said that the choice Cummings made to take the ‘clock’ seriously was a reasonable one given what he knew at the time.

The second lawsuit filed by ‘Clock Boy’s’ family was a targeted defamation suit that named various outlets and individuals, including Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck.

That suit was also dismissed, and ‘Clock Boy’ and his family were forced to pay legal fees to the people they had accused.

At this point, it looks like ‘Clock Boy’ will get exactly the justice he deserves.

The Mohamed family currently lives in Qatar, where Ahmed received a scholarship from the Qatar Foundation.

It may be difficult for the defendants of the suits to recover the money that they are owed by the Mohamed family, but at very least Ahmed Mohamed will not be rewarded for being dishonest and causing a disturbance in school.