Clintons Collect $3.9M

PUBLISHED: 5:00 PM 10 May 2018

Clintons Get $3.9 Million In Taxpayer Money

The money is being provided to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which is a separate entity, according to the Union.

New Zealand's new budget says that they will send $3.9 million to the Clinton Foundation, and New Zealand's taxpayers are not happy about it.

The Clinton Foundation has a long history of questionable activity, whether it’s their activities in Haiti after the country was ravaged by natural disasters or the strange happenings surrounding the Uranium One deal. However, one of the strangest things about the organization is its revenue streams.

In a shocking discovery, it appears that the organization, which is under federal investigation in the United States, is set to receive $3.9 million in tax money from New Zealand. The funding was confirmed by a local watchdog organization, who had documentation to prove the outrageous ‘donation’ to an organization under FBI investigation.

According to the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, a watchdog which fights against government waste in New Zealand, the Clinton Foundation is designated to receive $3.9 million in the 2018-2019 budget.

Executive Director Jordan Williams said that the government rationalized its decision, saying that the money wasn’t going to the Clinton Foundation directly. Instead, that money would go to the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

In the eyes of the Kiwi government, the Initiative is a ‘separate’ entity.

But Williams pointed out that the claim was absurd, and that the organization is essentially operated by the Clinton Foundation.

He’s correct in his assertion. The foundation appoints the directors for the initiative, meaning that according to the laws of the island nation, it is a subsidiary of the umbrella foundation.

The executive director also pointed out that the organization’s status around the world is questionable indeed.

The neighboring nation of Australia outright cut ties with the Clinton Foundation and its potentially corrupt subsidiaries due to charges of shady dealing.

The foundation is also under investigation in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, due to accusations that it was involved in a ‘pay for play’ scheme that gave nations and individuals, who made large donations, unfettered access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Basically, she was for sale to the highest bidder.

According to a 2016 report by the Associated Press, at least 85 of the 154 individuals who represented private interests and met with Secretary Clinton or who had phone conversations with her donated sizable funds to the Foundation.

In fact, those 85 individuals ‘donated’ as much as $156 MILLION to the foundation.

The foundation also stands accused of serving as an intermediary in the Uranium One deal. The deal to sell controlling interest in Uranium One, which owns uranium mines in the United States, required approval from then-Secretary of State Clinton.

While approval of the deal was pending, the chairman of Uranium One contributed nearly $2.5 million to the Clinton Foundation. These donations, while technically legal, were not disclosed, even though Hillary Clinton had previously made a deal with the White House’s legal team to disclose all foreign donations during her time in office, a deal made to avoid the appearance of impropriety or self-enrichment.

Shortly after the Russian energy firm Rosatom announced they would be buying a controlling stake in Uranium One, a Russian investment bank with Kremlin ties paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow.

The investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s role in the Uranium One deal is still ongoing, and the FBI is running an investigation, as are the House Intelligence and Oversight committees, and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Clinton Foundation also spent more than $30 million dollars in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, mostly on programs and projects that never materialized or provided any relief to the locals.

However, after the sizable expenditure, a company which had her brother, Tony Rodham, as a member of its advisory board, received extremely rare permits from the Haitian government that allowed them to mine for various materials in the nation.

Almost anywhere that the Clinton Foundation (or its subsidiaries) goes, corruption and questionable business dealings seem to follow.

What benefits do New Zealand taxpayers get from handing this shady organization $3.9 million?

According to Williams, they got a visit from the woman who lost the 2016 election during her ‘round-the-world book tour.

He said that Winston Peters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for New Zealand, should politely wait until Clinton leaves the country, then announce the end of funding for her foundation.

As he pointed out, Hillary Clinton is perfectly capable of raising funds for her “potentially corrupt organizations” without needing money taken from the pocket of Kiwi taxpayers.

Now that Clinton has no diplomatic power, it seems that many of her funding sources are drying up. Perhaps that’s why she’s spent the last few months flying around the world, insulting the American voters and complaining about President Donald Trump.

It’s time that governments cut ties with the organization. Either it’s a corrupt tool for profiting the Clinton family and their friends, or it is a poorly-run organization that does very little to help people. No matter which is true, it’s a bad investment for taxpayers.

Let the Clinton family ask their wealthy friends for money. Taxpayers should not be funding their vanity projects, whether in America or New Zealand.