PUBLISHED: 3:35 PM 15 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 7:07 PM 15 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Clinton WikiLeaks Doctor DEAD, Police Investigating ‘Suicide’ As Facts Don’t Add Up

Mrs. Clinton and her family certainly leave a lot of dead bodies behind in their wake.

Mrs. Clinton and her family certainly leave a lot of dead bodies behind in their wake.

Free Webs once published a list of 90 “suspicious deaths” that were linked to the Clintons. It is very troublesome that so many people involved with this family tend to be suicidal. How many people does the average person know who have died in a plane crash? For the Clintons, there are at least 59! Radio legend Rush Limbaugh once asked his audience, “how many people do you know who have been murdered?” For this foul family, the number is 13, but that may have risen since Free Webs first published the facts.

Not only do planes defy gravity with great regularity for those tied to the Clintons in some way, but as the Gateway Pundit shows us today, one is likely to commit suicide in the most painful way possible, too. Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, is a doctor tied to the Clinton Haiti scandal and he chose to stab himself in the chest in his bathroom. This is a man who knew a lot about how the Clinton family made a mint off of the people of Haiti in their time of need, as the National Review confirms.

This is one of the doctors who treated U2 frontman Bono after he was hurt in a cycling mishap. Dr. Lorich built a respectable career and was trusted by many as “the associate director of the orthopedic trauma service at the Hospital for Special Surgery.” On top of that, he was “also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

With all of that to live for, like many who achieve so much and then meet the Clintons, thoughts of ending his life arose once the family did something illegal or questionable. For some reason, the two actions are always linked.

The Pundit reminds us that these dreary thoughts claimed a “Democrat mega-donor” when he suffered “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.” This happened earlier in December, which of course, follows the July suicide of a member of the Haitian government, Klaus Eberwein. He chose to shoot himself in the head.

In August of 2016, Scott Robert Makufka, a person famous for documenting the sins of the Clintons in books was also found dead.

All of these tragedies listed have happened in roughly the last year.

This Haitian official also killed himself at just the right time for the Clinton family.

It is astounding that any family could know so many suicidal people. If anyone else had this trail of corpses behind them, it would raise suspicions. Many husbands and wives, for instance, have killed more than one spouse to get insurance money (it happens more often that one would think) and the law often makes an arrest.

Why did such a well respected doctor choose to stab himself in the chest. As a doctor, could he not have found drugs to make his passing easier?

However, with the Clintons, planes falling from the sky, murders, suicides, and other strange mishaps are just coincidences. No one is to be alarmed nor ask any accusatory-toned questions.

If that happens, thoughts of suicide may arise.

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