PUBLISHED: 8:47 PM 14 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 9:54 PM 14 Dec 2017

Clinton Spews Vitriol, Blames President For “Turning Point” As Brain Hypocrisy Shocks

Clinton sounded more confused than ever as she tried to pretend that one loss has derailed the Trump train.

Clinton sounded more confused than ever as she tried to pretend that one loss has derailed the Trump train.

Hillary Clinton has again used the latest bit of news to try and insert herself into a national conversation that did not invite her. The people overwhelmingly rejected the former First Lady and yet she refuses to accept that fact. As the Daily Caller shows us today, Clinton “told her Canadian fans in Vancouver Wednesday night that this week’s Alabama Senatorial election is a wake-up call for President Donald Trump.”

She also cited what she called “destructive advisors,” according to the Toronto Star, and referred to this as a “turning point” against the popular G.O.P. president. This was a stab against Steve Bannon as much as Judge Moore. She is basically trying to turn a simple loss into a boost for her failing movement as she sounds more pathetic and needy than ever.

Saying that she feels a “tiny bit bit less” worried now that Moore lost, Clinton also stated that “For me, this was a very important turning point in basically holding President Trump and his most vitriolic, destructive advisers, led by Steve Bannon, accountable,” she claimed.

Steve Bannon (pictured) is one of the most hard working and prudent minds in the G.O.P., yet the left paints him falsely as a racist.

The former New York Senator said, “people seem to be turning against the Trump philosophy and ideology… it’s by no means the end of the story.” What is so very ironic about her words is the fact that the best chance that America has to prosper is for more people to turn to the policies of Donald Trump, not against them.

We must keep in mind that Moore was never charged nor found guilty of anything, as the Conservative Daily Post has highlighted.  His guilt is something conjured up by the court of public opinion, nothing more.

Making a reference to Trump’s legendary (and admittedly unhealthy) aspartame-laden Diet Coke habit Clinton said, “Apparently he drinks a dozen of them a day.  I don’t know what that does to your brain.

The left speaks of Moore (pictured) as if his guilt is certain when it is not.

If it causes one to depart from the TPP, leave the Paris Accord that was ripping of America for no reason, and move to end DACA (all of which he has thankfully done), then it seems to be doing no damage at all.

What will do a lot of damage is what Clinton said in closing: “I’m going to keep fighting for what I think is right.”

As America has shown, there is virtually no one who wanted to hear that.

Source: The Daily Caller – The  Toronto Start