Clinton Video Goes Viral

PUBLISHED: 4:22 AM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 4:23 AM 27 Jan 2018

Clinton Speedily Escaped: Video Goes Viral After Monica Question Angers Former President

He was very happy to talk until that question was asked, then he high tailed it out of there.

Bill Clinton's abuses are notorious.

Former President Bill Clinton enjoyed conversing with an individual in New York when he was being showered with praise, but he didn’t like it when he was asked about Monica Lewinsky.

In a video on Thursday uploaded to Twitter from Breaking911, a “New Yorker” was recording and talking to Clinton while he was parked.

“You the best president, man,” the unidentified man can be heard telling Clinton. “Trump gotta go.”

Clinton, who can be seen saluting, giving several thumbs up, and smiling, was enjoying himself while sitting in the backseat of a black GMC Suburban.

“Alright, have a nice day,” the man said to the former president, adding, “tell Hillary I say ‘what-up,’ Bill Clinton.

“Best President alive,” he said. “How’s Monica?”

Clinton wasn’t having any of that as he can be seen immediately rolling up his window and ending his conversation with the man.

Check out this hilarious video below:

As many are aware, Clinton was impeached in the House of Representatives in 1998 for having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The House found Clinton guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice for failing to cooperate with federal authorities about his affair with Lewinsky.

It makes sense that Clinton wouldn’t want to talk about the woman he had an affair with that derailed his presidency and exposed how his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, played a role in silencing many of Bill’s mistresses.

It has been well-documented that Hillary ardently sought to silence the numerous women who bravely came forward over the years and spoke about what Bill did to them.

Several women accused the former president of rape, with many others exposing his sexual misconduct for decades.

While the mainstream media refuses to cover the Clintons corruption and scandals, this is exactly the type of video that should go viral.

Source: The Gateway Pundit