PUBLISHED: 10:48 PM 16 Oct 2016

Clinton Promises To Sue ALL Firearm Companies For Every Single Crime Commited With Their Guns


Clinton Wants To Hold Gun Manufacturers Responsible

It’s a well-known fact that Democrats are not in favor of the Second Amendment. They are absolutely against anything that would be considered pro-gun. If they could have their way, then the Second Amendment would be completely banned.

Liberals showed their immense distaste of our Constitutional right again. This time, it involved the mass shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The families were attempting to sue Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the gun that was used in the shooting.

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis struck down this lawsuit. As news of the dismissal spread, some politicians were not happy with the result. Hillary Clinton, the democratic presidential nominee, decided to tweet out her response to this action.

“It’s incomprehensible that our laws would protect gun makers over Sandy Hook families. We need to fix this.” Attached to the tweet was a link to the story from the New York Daily News. Clinton once again proves that she really doesn’t know what she is talking about.


Clinton Once Again Proves That She Doesn’t Know What She Is Talking About

Yes the Sandy Hook attack was a disaster. Adam Lanza used the AR-15 to shoot and kill 26 innocent people. Except there is one crucial detail in this case. Lanza STOLE the gun that was legally registered in his MOTHER’S name! How is it the gun manufacturers fault if someone is going to steal the gun and then commit a crime?

Lanza was going to commit the crime in the first place. And he STOLE the weapon that was used! How was his mother or the gun manufacturers expected to know that he was going to go crazy and want to kill innocent lives?

It doesn’t make any sense at all! Thankfully Judge Bellis found that the suit was frivolous. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) shields gun manufacturers. That is the act that Judge Bellis was referring to when she decided to strike down the lawsuit.

But Clinton couldn’t believe it. But that is nothing new. She has previously said that she wants crime victims to be able to sue gun manufacturers for gun crime. This was highlighted on December 29, 2015, at a New Hampshire town hall. It was also at this town hall that she thought that crime victims should be able to sue gun sellers as well.

She Wants Our Guns, But That Is NEVER Going To Happen

She Wants Our Guns, But That Is NEVER Going To Happen

Think of it this way. If Clinton were able to have her way, then gun manufacturers wouldn’t be able to survive in the United States any longer. Bernie Sanders recognized this and flat-out WARNED her that her gun control proposals would end gun manufacturing in the United States!

The saddest part is that this argument happens every single time that there is an incident like this in the United States. As soon as a mass shooting happens, the liberals and democrats are quick to blame the gun for the action, but not the person. It’s literally the opposite of everything else that happens.

For example let’s say that you are in a big car accident. Fortunately nobody gets hurt but the car is totaled. If we use Clinton’s tweet, then why are people not suing the car manufacturers for their car getting totaled? It’s literally the same argument! So what changes between this situation and the one that happened above?

To further illustrate this point, let’s imagine another situation. A drunk driving accident occurs and some people are killed. People always blame the PERSON for drinking and driving! They literally have thousands of advertisements saying that it is against the law to drink and drive!

The person is blamed for every single one of these situations. They never blame the car! It’s the same argument for if someone dies because of obesity related causes. They always blame the person for not being able to stop eating. They don’t blame the utensils!

So why is it that whenever there is a mass shooting that occurs, the liberals always blame the gun and not the person for orchestrating the crime? In all three of these situations, there is a person that does the action and inanimate objects that are just there.

gun control1

This Illustration Shows Gun Control Perfectly!

They don’t blame the car or the utensils for the deaths. But they blame the guns! The guns are literally stationary objects. Someone has to USE them in order for them to work. And yet the liberals seem to forget that. They automatically blame the gun for the action!

Was this a tragedy? Absolutely. But the gun wasn’t responsible for the action! It was the psychotic killer known as Adam Lanza! He STOLE a LEGAL gun and used it to commit this disgusting act! But for Clinton to say that we should be able to sue the gun manufacturers for the actions of a sick individual is too far.

Conservative Daily Post has covered several incidents where the liberals have attempted to use a national tragedy to get rid of all the guns in the United States. Clinton has previously expressed her distaste of guns, even saying that if we got rid of all of them that it would be the key to defeating terrorism.

That wasn’t all that happened. It has even affected the judges of the United States. There was a judge in Oregon that wanted to have all the guns removed because he didn’t like them. Just think about that. A JUDGE wasn’t familiar with the Constitution. How nice.

Share this article to show your friends and family that Clinton is upset with the fact that people can’t sue the gun manufacturers for any gun crimes. She fails to realize that the person STOLE the weapon and was crazy!

This is just the reality that would happen if Clinton were elected president! All of our guns would be taken away and the Second Amendment would cease to exist! This is why we need Donald Trump!