Spoon-Fed Information

PUBLISHED: 9:27 PM 12 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 11:37 PM 12 Jul 2018

Clinton Manipulation Bust FBI Lie With Multiple Versions Of ‘Dirty Dossier’

Top FBI officials busted by another Strzok email message proving multiple versions of Steele dossier were improperly used to back each other up. Each of them came from Clinton cronies.

Strzok’s email proves that the Federal Bureau of Investigation broke their own rules by using multiple copies of the same fictitious documents as mutual support for each other.

According to a furious whistleblower from inside the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over the scene of the crime. “The dossier and its related dirt was on a circular flight path aboard a courier service called ‘Air Clinton,’ and the FBI kept signing for the packages.” Multiple versions of the same bogus information were spoon-fed to investigators by notorious Clinton operatives as mutually corroborating “support,” which isn’t allowed.

These scorching allegations are confirmed by one of Peter Strzok’s emails that had to be pulled out of the Justice Department with a red-hot pair of pliers. “The set is only identical to what McCain had. (it has differences from what was given to us by Corn and Simpson.)”

The text also discredits the testimony that Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS gave to Congress under oath. He swore that the FBI didn’t get his copy, only Christopher Steele’s. Apparently, these are all lies.

Strzok’s email proves that the Federal Bureau of Investigation broke their own rules by using multiple copies of the same fictitious document as mutual support for each other.

It also highlights just how extensively Clinton influenced and directed what would eventually morph into the Russia collusion witch-hunt.

When BuzzFeed published what they thought was the “entire” Steele dirty dossier Jan. 10, 2017, the FBI was fully aware of and had been using, misleadingly duplicate information from five or more variations of the same material.

When Strzok’s FBI superiors wanted to know “which one” of their multiple versions leaked to BuzzFeed. It had to come from John McCain, Strzok texted, because the other versions were “different.”

The email shows that, not counting Steele’s version, there were at least three more by the time President Trump was inaugurated. Cody Shearer, an “ex-journalist, and longtime Clinton operative,” gave them yet another copy for a total of five, all slightly different.

Former bureau investigators who reviewed Strzok’s latest inflammatory message say what happened is obviously and totally improper.

“The FBI is supposed to be immune to manipulation by circular information flows, especially with sensitive investigations such as evaluating whether a foreign power tampered with an American election.”

In this case, they explain, “the generally same information kept walking through the FBI’s door for months, recycled each time by a new character with ties to Hillary Clinton or hatred for Trump.”

It all started when Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired Glenn Simpson’s company Fusion GPS to act as a go-between.

Simpson hired former MI-6 spy Christopher Steele, using Clinton Campaign and Democrat National Committee money to dig up as much dirt about Donald Trump that might possibly exist regarding any conceivable tie to Russia.

After Steele collected a set of totally unsupported but wildly inflammatory speculation, he took it to the FBI. He showed them his file on July 5, 2016, and it didn’t pass their “sniff test.”

What he gave them sounded too strange and “convenient” to be true. Team Hillary went back to the drawing board.

A couple weeks later, in late July 2016, an Australian diplomat with Clinton ties just happened to remember a “May 2016 conversation he had with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos about possible Russian hacks of Clinton emails.”

He called the FBI and they made an unusually rapid dash to London for his statement.

By the end of July, Operation Crossfire Hurricane was opened up by Peter Strzok himself. That was the code name the feds gave to the Trump campaign collusion investigation. The witch hunt had begun.

The only problem was that the investigation wasn’t going anywhere because there wasn’t anything to back up what was in the files Steele laid at their feet to work with. The election was looming and Donald Trump kept creeping up in the polls.

Steele was working with the FBI again in September, but the FBI wasn’t aware at the time he was also talking to reporters. When the “prohibited contact” was detected, they dropped him as a source in late September.

At the same time they had to put Steele on ice, Cody Shearer, “an ex-journalist and longtime Clinton operative,” produced a “second dossier.” Shearer’s version echoed “many of the lurid and still unsubstantiated claims made in the Steele dossier.”

Sidney Blumenthal, another “close Clinton confidant” delivered Shearer’s copy of the Steele material to the State Department instead of the Department of Justice or FBI.

The State Department official, Jonathan Winer, took it to none other than Christopher Steele. Steele personally carried the new file back to the FBI and used it to say that it verified his own claims, even though his claims were the source of the new ones.

The FBI used the Winer documents to get a wiretap search warrant for Carter Page.

They backed the material up to the FISA court with “a Yahoo News article that, officials admit, was influenced by the Steele dossier.”

As the election got even closer, Steele’s dossier leaked to Mother Jones. Reporter Dave Corn handed over his copy, hoping the FBI would confirm the truth of the allegations. They didn’t.

By the time the election was over and Donald Trump had won, Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele dumped the file on John McCain, hoping to stir up resistance.

“Simpson all but acknowledged he and Steele provided the information to McCain ally David Kramer, who provided it to the Arizona senator to forward to the FBI.”

Why would Simpson and Steele want McCain to forward to the FBI the exact same information that they themselves had already provided? The only answer is they were using McCain as part of a ploy to corroborate the muck

“We were concerned about whether the information that we provided previously had ever, you know, risen to the leadership level of the FBI.”