PUBLISHED: 3:55 PM 19 Oct 2016

Clinton KNEW And Even Admitted It In Email, Lock Her Up!


She Knew It Was Going On!

Hillary Clintons email scandal has been the topic of discussion ever since she decided to enter the political race. It has been talked about in Congress, in the media, and on the debate stage. It has literally been everywhere, and it should.

An unsecured email server means that it is open to being hacked and spied on, which is exactly what happened. Thanks to the newest WikiLeaks dump, we have proof that it was happening–and often!

The WikiLeaks dump of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta has shown that the Clinton campaign KNEW that her unsecured server was being spied on. All that talk about how it wouldn’t happen turned out to be false, and they fully admitted it.


Her Camp Admitted That She Knew She Was Being Spied On

The email, which was sent on February 4, 2016 from a Tyson Brody was sent to a lot of the higher ups for Clinton. Among the recipients was Jennifer Palmieri, the Director of Communications for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. When something is sent to her, you know it’s big.

The email chain talked about a Tweet from a Nick Kristof and how someone should talk to him. But that wasn’t the only thing it talked about. In addition there was a CBS News article about how Clinton dealt with classified material in her tenure as Secretary of State.

She flat out didn’t care about how classified material got out! Brody mentions that this will be a problem! “Big problem is the time she told an aide to send material by non-secure means.” Sending classified information over a non-secure server is bad enough. But, like everything that has to do with Clinton, it gets worse.

Again these emails were on a private server that couldn’t be secure. That leaves the door wide open to being hacked by foreign governments to see exactly what is going on with the United States. The Secretary of State has a lot of information that is crucial to the President and his advisors.

Needless to say, if it were hacked, it would be a bad thing. And that is exactly what Brody said happened! Remember how Clinton kept saying that she wasn’t hacked? That was another LIE!


What A Surprise, Clinton Lied About Another Thing

“Next shoe to drop on emails, I’m guessing, will be the revelation that Chinese & Russians were snooping on Clinton’s server.” This is definitive PROOF that Clinton’s server was being spied on and looked at by foreign governments. What it doesn’t tell us is what these two governments SAW.

And of course it’s just the icing on the cake that Clinton told her aides to send information that was marked classified in a non-secure way anyways. She has literally put this country in danger because of her actions. She knew that she was being hacked and looked at by foreign governments!

The actions of Clinton have put this country in more danger than we could ever imagine. Her complete and utter disregard for sending and keeping classified information is reason enough that she shouldn’t be president of the United States.

She KNEW that she was being hacked and yet decided to send classified information in an unsecure way! As a potential leader of the United States, she would be given some of the most classified information on the face of the Earth. Judging by her past record, she wouldn’t take that seriously.

That means that other governments would be tuning into what she had to say! Not to mention that she would be telling her aides to send other classified material through non-secure ways again! It’s definitely possible because she completely disregards the rules and thinks that they don’t apply to her.

This is the same woman that didn’t know what a “C” meant on documents that were presented to her. Even a child would know that it means “classified” and that you should take care of it. She is unfit to hold the highest office in the land.


She Didn’t Know What A “C” Meant! Even Children Would Know That It Stands For “Classified!”

What makes this even worse is that Clinton loves to boast that she has spent 30 years in the federal government. Someone with that much experience would know what the “C” meant! She would also know that you shouldn’t send material through un-secure ways!

There is absolutely no excuse for Clinton on why she did this. But she did and that means that she is putting the country at risk! She would put the country at an even greater risk if she were to become the Commander-in-Chief! Anyone who votes for Clinton would be voting to let someone who regularly puts the safety and security of the United States at risk!

The evidence backs it up. She had her server hacked, knew about it, and decided to send material anyways. That is literally asking for something bad to happen. Plus we have no idea what information the Russians and the Chinese governments looked at, so what they know about us is a complete mystery.

There is a reason that there are so many former people that have worked for former Bill Clinton are choosing not to endorse Hillary for president. In fact, Conservative Daily Post covered the time that Clinton’s former CIA chief had endorsed Donald Trump because he knows what would happen if Hillary were to get into the White House.

And yet the Democrats consistently try to say that Trump is the one who shouldn’t be trusted. Michelle Obama attempted to say that we needed people that were honest, like her husband and Hillary.

Share this article to show that the Clinton campaign knew that she was being hacked and SPIED on by foreign governments. But they continue to say that she is the best choice for president of the United States. She’s the best choice if you want to put everyone’s security at risk! This is why we need Trump in office. Because he actually cares about keeping the country safe.