Clinton Foundation Scheme

PUBLISHED: 1:50 AM 24 Jan 2018

Clinton Foundation Skirted Audits, Used Global Scheme To Collect And Hide Millions

It all came together as soon as Obama took office

The full corruption of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are being revealed.

When you are skilled in the art of misdirection, you can hide an elephant in plain sight. That is exactly how the Clinton Foundation managed to hide Hillary Clinton’s State Department pay-for-play scheme, through trickery.

International charities are “perfect vehicles for such questionable activities” simply because nobody can follow the money. Cash comes in from every corner of the globe, gets shuffled around, then goes back out to another distant part of the world. With differing laws in every country, “unregulated and unaudited ‘charities’ allow donors to send much more money towards politicians clandestinely than is allowed under national laws concerning political campaigns.”

The Clinton nuclear family of ex-President Bill, almost-president Hillary, and their spawn Chelsea, all conspired together to “produce false and misleading public filings” covering up for influence peddling and misappropriation of funds. “For more than two decades,” the family employed “a bevy of outside professional advisers and world-renowned directors” to do their dirty work. The Uranium One scandal is just the tip of the toxically radioactive iceberg.

Bill jetted off to Kazakhstan allegedly on foundation business to make HIV drugs easier to obtain but managed to make some lucrative Asian uranium deals while he was there. In order to pull them off, he needed leverage from the Hillary controlled Armed Services Committee. All she had to do was threaten to withhold aid and “suddenly, Clinton’s pal “became the world’s largest uranium mining producer.” $31.3 million dollars found its way into the Clinton Foundation as Frank Giustra’s “token of appreciation.” He also promised $100 million and half of the future profits from UrAsia Energy Ltd.

Recent reports suggest that money donated to the foundation for the Haiti relief effort, some of which came from countries “with questionable human rights records,” looking for favors from Hillary’s State Department, were used for Chelsea’s wedding instead of helping the Haitians. Through a spiderweb of “charity initiatives” that are nothing more than a false-front, the Clinton Foundation and its offshoot tentacles like the Clinton Global Initiative “remain the largest set of unprosecuted charitable frauds in American history,” according to one political analyst.

An international charity can easily hide and disguise “payoffs that might unlock mining and energy concessions, telecommunications and other licenses, and largesse (grants and subsidized loans, for example) from multilateral organizations, including the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, among others.”

In the first year of the Obama presidency, the Clinton Foundation expanded its scope from the building of Bill’s Presidential library to an international charity. Suddenly, tense relations with Russia began to thaw. Analysts were confused, especially because Hillary’s public remarks in Geneva seemed to anger the Russians.

Behind the scenes, “political contributors who also were active investors and financiers for capital projects inside Russia, especially those involving transfers of technology” were kicking efforts into high gear.

The IRS started looking into public filings from the Clinton Foundation in July of 2016 at the request of Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and other congressional Republicans. Nobody knows what the outcome of that investigation was. Fraud investigator Charles Ortel insists “Missing disclosures concerning donations from foreign governments, and other glaring discrepancies should have been resolved and should have triggered payment of substantial fines, penalties, and interest to government treasuries long ago.”

Ortel points out that “the American public has an absolute right to learn how charities are abused by politically connected bureaucrats.” Congress, he says, along with the FBI and the Department of Justice, “must expose what really happened with monies sent towards the Clinton family and their foundation, especially including the Clinton Global Initiative.”

The biggest problem now is that it seems that the FBI and the Department of Justice are also on the Clinton Foundation payroll. Leading up to the 2016 election, “James Comey got handed the hot potato of announcing the decision on the Clinton email server investigation. It appears that even though the FBI had uncovered evidence of misconduct that qualified as ‘gross negligence’ which is a crime, the wording of the report was downgraded by Peter Strzok to ‘extreme carelessness,’ which is not a crime. Hillary did nothing wrong Comey claimed.”

Last August, as congressional investigators started looking deeper into the matter, both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed FBI records. “The DOJ initially lied and said they didn’t exist but were caught red-handed when Rod Rosenstein admitted to them in a recent congressional hearing.”

Over 1.2 million documents have since been released. The records include reports and summaries of interviews conducted by Mueller’s investigators dating back to the 2016 Clinton email server investigation. More evidence is on the way.