PUBLISHED: 9:12 PM 17 Jan 2018

JUST IN: Clinton Foundation “Obtained By Deceit” $25 Million In Taxpayer Funds, FBI Request Reveals Evidence

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A top investigator is working with the FBI to hand over more evidence of corruption.

A top investigator is working with the FBI to hand over more evidence of corruption.

Less than a week after an 11-count indictment was handed down on a top official with ties to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One scandal, a bombshell report reveals the FBI is about to receive more evidence the Clinton Foundation laundering millions of dollars.

During an interview with LifeZette, Australian investigative journalist and retired police detective Michael Smith said the FBI has asked him to provide information he claims to have proving that millions of dollars contributed to the Clinton Foundation by the Australian government was mishandled and laundered.

“I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars about allegations regarding improper donations to the CF funded by Australian taxpayers,” Smith said.

Smith claims that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, secretly worked with several Australian government officials and senior diplomat Alexander Downer to not report millions of dollars in “donations” given to the Clinton Foundation.

Smith said he will be handing over all of the evidence he has showing that the Clinton Foundation received a “$25M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception.”

Clinton is finally being exposed for her corrupt actions at the State Department.

Among many other records, Smith said he has a 2006 “memorandum of understanding” between the Australian government and the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton HIV/AIDs Initiative (CHAI).

Smith said he has strong evidence proving that the Clinton Foundation received $25 million in a secretive plot by Bill Clinton and Downer, who served as Australia’s minister of foreign affairs at the time.

Smith also said he has evidence that shows “corrupt October 2006 backdating of false tender advertisements purporting to advertise the availability of a $15 million contract to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.”

In a third document, Smith described evidence he possess that he said reveals a “$10 million financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception between April 1, 2008, and Sept. 25, 2008, at Washington, D.C., New York, New York, and Canberra Australia involving an MOU between the Australian government, the ‘Clinton Climate Initiative,’ and the purported “Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc.”

Clinton abused her position as secretary of state to sell America influence to gain personally from foreign nations.

This new bombshell report follows recent developments by the FBI in the Uranium One scandal, which involved Russian investors giving sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors when she led the State Department.

The Uranium One scandal involved the Clinton Foundation receiving massive political donations in exchange for Clinton’s State Department approving the sale of 20 percent of the United States uranium to the Russia nuclear company Rosatom.

Officials associated with the sale reportedly donated roughly $145 million to the Clinton Foundation to sway the deal, and former President Bill Clinton was also given $500,000 from a bank with ties to the Kremlin for giving a single speech in Moscow.

With multiple investigations into the Clintons, indictments already being handed down, and Republicans leading these federal agencies – perhaps we are finally about to see Bill and Hillary held accountable for their corrupt actions.

Source: LifeZette