Clinton Crony May Campaign

PUBLISHED: 1:52 AM 25 Jan 2018

Clinton Crony Eyes Republican Seat, Web Site Registrations And Secret Poll Tell Tale

Shalala never disclosed donors of the Clinton Foundation, and she has been their boon companion for decades

Donna Shalala is a close confederate of the Clinton's. She is knee deep in all of their scandals and was the former director of the Clinton Foundation.

Florida Democrat Donna Shalala is thinking seriously about using her Clinton Foundation connections as fuel to launch a Congressional campaign. Eyeing up the seat in Florida’s 27th Congressional District which represents Coral Gables and Miami Beach, she thinks she has a shot at taking the job held by retiring Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It looks like she already started buying domain names and quietly taking opinion polls.

76-year-old Shalala served as a volunteer for almost two years as the director of the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. Even though she wasn’t paid, she knew her rewards would come eventually. Now would certainly be her best window of opportunity, considering the cat-5 storm of public outcry against the criminally corrupt international charity that is looming ominously on the horizon.

Political insiders are convinced the former University of Miami president’s ties to powerful party bigwigs would quickly vault her into the number one primary slot, even though the field is large, with nine other Democratic candidates already running.

Donna Shalala is connected particularly closely with the Clintons. She held the post of U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services from 1993 to 2001 before her unpaid two-year stint with the Foundation. She is confident that her record of loyalty to the Clintons will more than make up for the embarrassment she suffered after being a little too honest with the press.

When Bill Clinton’s “lavish 70th birthday party” got people wondering just where all the money for the fancy festivities came from, wondering if maybe it was Haiti relief money that was paying for the party, Shalala publicly vowed that the Clinton Foundation would “disclose the donors.” The story quickly changed and another “spokesman” clarified that only the bare minimum “donor update” required by law would be released, and that wouldn’t happen until after the election. The donor update report does not break down contributors into whether they donated directly to Clinton’s birthday bash or to the foundation as a whole.

The 27th District map was redrawn last year and is now leaning slightly more Democratic than it was before. Even in the last election, Miami Beach preferred Clinton over President Trump by almost 20 percent. There are a few clues that Shalala is serious about making the run for Congress. Voters in the district are being polled about their perceptions of her overall reputation and favorability as a candidate.

One voter “reported being polled about Shalala’s age and how Shalala compares to other Democrats in the race.” Another issue the voter was asked about concerns Shalala’s work as the president of “the U.”

A prominent donor to the home of the “Hurricanes” was caught up in a “Ponzi scheme” scandal that didn’t paint her in a good light when it came out in the press. “Shapiro, now sitting in prison for his role in a $900 million Ponzi scheme, spent most of the aughts as an active booster of the UM basketball team, and major donor to the University. And by ‘active booster,’ I mean he bought hookers (among other things) for student-athletes. Shalala weathered the controversy, despite calls for her resignation at the time, but bet on this to dog a congressional run,” Peter Schorsch writes.

Another little snag from her days at the college, back in 2006, janitors went on one heck of a strike. “not just a strike, but a hunger strike to protest their low wages and lack of health care. At the time, their wages ranked 194th of 195 in a national survey of what universities paid their cleaning crews. At the time, Shalala was living in a nearly 10,000 square foot UM-owned mansion in tawny Coral Gables, while driving not one, but two UM-leased luxury vehicles.” The survey also asked if the voter supported “the possible impeachment of Donald Trump.”

Another indication that Shalala wants to “test the waters” is that a couple of domain names were recently registered. and were both snapped up. Donna Shalala may not have been the one to buy them though, someone may have seen the possibility they might be needed and grabbed them to make a quick buck selling them to the campaign if it ever gets off the ground.