July 4 Terror Plot

PUBLISHED: 5:23 PM 2 Jul 2018

Cleveland Terror Plot Foiled As 4th Of July Revelers Were The Target

He wanted to chop off hands and heads.

The cops in Cleveland helped top a terrorist who was set to park a van full of explosives on the July 4.

One thing is for certain, the F.B.I. division in Cleveland, Ohio, is on the ball. According to WPXI News, a person is being charged with providing “material support to a foreign terrorist organization.,” and a van bombing plot was halted.  The day of the attack was to be the 4th of July and it was to take place downtown.

F.B.I. Special Agent Stephen Anthony, U.S. attorney Justin Herdman, NDOH Chief Calvin Williams, and other members of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce attended a conference to talk about the plot, as confirmed by a tweet from Alyson Bruner. The latest updates (as recently as 10:00 a.m., July 2) identify the suspect as “Demetrius Pitts, also known as Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq.” This homegrown terrorist was interested in killing military children and anyone just out on America’s founding day in the sickest of ways.

Pitts was thankfully not wise enough to keep quiet about his views and found himself on the F.B.I.’s radar after posting support for al-Qaida online, according to Anthony.

Likewise, Herman found that the suspected terrorist was conducting “reconnaissance” work to see if he could find a place to park a van to use as a weapon.

By use of explosives, “He talked about taking targets like St. John’s Cathedral off the map,” attorney said. Pitts longed “to strike at the values that are at the very core of our nation. He wanted us to be afraid to speak our minds. He also wanted us to be scared to gather in public places.”

This is a very vital piece of the story to process. Everytime that the people cower at home, avoiding a fireworks display or a ballgame, the terrorists are emboldened. As a matter of fact, this is fear and creation of new public phobias is a stated goal of most terrorist organizations.

The would-be Islamic killer told an undercover agent of his hatred for the U.S. military and law enforcement. He wanted “to chop off hands and heads,” he had claimed. “His intent was to be part of what they (al-Qaida) do, part of the organization,” Anthony also stated. “That was his stated desire to be part of a foreign terrorist organization.

In this past, this radicalized American citizen has been charged with the crimes of  “assault, domestic violence and carrying a concealed weapon, among others,” local media also confirmed.

ABC 7 has verified, as well, that deadly explosives were to be used against innocent people just enjoying the holiday. It is hard to say just how many innocent Muslims would have also been hurt in the attack, a factor often forgotten by those longing to slaughter for Allah.

The fact is that, while it may anger a few SJW’s to admit it, radical Islam is infecting a certain percentage of the U.S. population that is embracing the Muslim faith. This is no small problem and it can’t be just brushed away as “Islamaphobic.” The problem needs to be addressed head-0n because, while the F.B.I. was able to stop this attempt, who knows how many others are just looming?