Maryland Gov Sued

PUBLISHED: 2:27 PM 17 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 5:10 PM 17 Jun 2018

Class Action Suit Against Governor’s Gun Ban

The law violates multiple state and federal amendments.

Four Maryland residents are suing their governor over a highly unconstitutional new gun law.

Gun control activists repeatedly claim that they do not want to take firearms from law-abiding citizens, of course, a complete lie. In Maryland they are beginning to do just that after the governor signed a law banning bump stocks and other trigger modifiers.

This naturally has gun owners in the state in shock and panic, and four of such individuals are taking the governor to court in a class action suit for its extreme constitutional violations. In this way, they are truly bearing arms, instead of freely giving up such rights, a move that the governor likely did not anticipate.

Paul Mark Brockman, Caroline Brunger, Robert Brunger, and David Orlin, all from Maryland were not pleased when Republican Governor Larry Hogan signed several bills into law in April.

Among the gun-grabbing legislation included developing a $10 million budget to combat gun violence and a ban on all firearm accessories that increase the rate of fire, including, “bump stocks, binary triggers systems, burst triggers, and trigger cranks.”

Under the bill, titled HB 888, if one is caught owning such a device, an offender may face up to “three years in prison and $5,000 fine.”

It also included implementing extreme risk protection orders: a dangerous way for the government to literately seize guns.

The NRA attempted to stop the bill from passing, rightfully calling it “broad and overreaching.”

Yet it, unfortunately, “passed 128-7 in the House and 35-11 in the Senate” and will go into effect on October 1.

On April 24, Governor Hogan appeared more than happy to sign the bill, despite being a republican.

The only part of HB 888 that was reasonably sensible is a clause that requires convicted domestic abusers to turn in their guns “within two days” of sentencing.

The gun rights group Maryland Shall Issue pledged its support for Brockman, the Brungers, and Orlin, who all own some form of “rapid-fire trigger activators.”

The plaintiffs filed a formal complaint on Monday on the grounds of it violating the Maryland and U.S. Constitutions, its vagueness, and its required compensation to citizens if implemented.

Constitutionally, it violates the second, fifth, and fourteen amendments.

Previously legal gun owners in the state are now restricted in their right to bear arms otherwise protected under the second amendment. The governor’s law attempts to overturn federal law permitting the specific accessories by using a controversial state bill.

Due process is being equally ignored under the fifth and fourteenth as gun accessories are being literately grabbed out of citizens’ hands. Yet the government doing so “without any compensation” is a violation of the state’s fifth amendment’s Takings Clause as well.

Rights aside, the law is also likely designed to be broad in nature to confuse law-fearing citizens who may turn in guns that are still legal under the ridiculous new legislation.

Coincidentally, this may also benefit “police, prosecutors, and the courts” to unreasonably decide what is considered a ‘rapid fire accessory’ in being able to legally confiscate.

The plaintiffs are suing Hogan in hopes to overturn the law for its infringing wording and guidelines before it goes into effect. Simultaneously, the group is also pushing for “fair market value” compensation for their possessions if they fail in court.

Since recent shootings, rifles and bump stocks have been under attack as liberals continue to blame the device rather than its user.

Yet, if implemented in October, this will prove to be truly dangerous for legal Maryland gun owners. It is simply the beginning of additional gun control measures, which in some states also attack pistols and certain sized magazines.

Also dangerous, additional gun legislation which is often difficult for the average citizen to interpret, often make felons out of otherwise law-abiding citizens as the result of a technicality.

Devastatingly, this is happening throughout the nation, and Florida residents are facing similar possible future legislation which may do the same.

This remains to be a landmark case as democrats in other states continue opposing the second amendment as they view guns as a threat.

While liberal laws attempt to take away or modify anything pertaining to ‘assault rifles,’ the law notably “excludes replacement semi-automatic triggers simply meant to improve the performance of a firearm,” but only if purchased before the law goes into effect in October.

In some ways, this is democrats acknowledging that some people simply use gun accessories to make the weapon more effective, an obvious necessity when needed for self-defense or even for sport.

Hopefully, the court will determine in its ruling that the intended ban will do more harm than good for those who have no malicious intent for their guns.

In any case, a lawsuit filed by multiple parties is often given more attention and will hopefully make other Maryland residents realize how horrendously their RINO governor is supporting liberals in fighting against the second amendment.