CNN Used Muslim Suspect?

PUBLISHED: 6:25 PM 21 Aug 2018

Claim Says That Terrorist Compound Suspect Appeared On CNN

Was CNN covering up the fact that a terror suspect was on their network?

These claims could rock CNN.

The Count has published a story that claims one of the suspects arrested in the New Mexico compound that was allegedly training future school shooters appeared on CNN.

Attorney Donald Gallegos has confirmed that there are plans to appeal the ruling of an N.M. judge that will let many of the school shooting compound’s suspects go free, but an image of one of the suspects in question is raising quite a few eyebrows because she is a lady who is thought to have appeared on CNN.

News outlet One Hundred Percent Fedup wrote, “One of the women arrested at the New Mexico Muslim compound appeared on CNN…The tweet below caught our eye. Even though CNN reported on Hujrah Wahhaj being one of the suspects, they never revealed that she was on their network…It’s what the media DOESN’T tell you….

There have been people who have opined that the major news networks are protecting radical Islam, as the Conservative Review has outlined. If this is true regarding Wahhaj, this could easily imply that those views have some merit.

If true, it could also mean that CNN simply tried to hide the fact that she had appeared on the network because it paints them in a bad light, not because they endorse radical Islam. However, there are so many questions whirling about that it is hard to say just what is possible.

“Hey, @CNN did you know that one of the women arrested on #NewMexicoCompound (where they were training children to carry out school shootings and found the body of a toddler) visited you? Why didn’t you use her photo #NMCompound,” the tweet reads.

To be fair, the Count is clear that this is a developing story and they say that they have “not independently confirmed whether or not the woman depicted on the CNN set is the same woman arrested at the New Mexico compound.” Once this is completed, the results could be staggering for the network.

To put it into perspective, Alex Jones has been blacklisted for his views. Could CNN face the same sort of retaliation… it’s unlikely.

Likewise, Milo Yiannopoulos has been blamed by some people for the trouble that domestic terrorists (who a few major networks called mere “protesters“) have caused at his speeches, but he has never been said to have protected those conducting any violence on either side.

There’s no way to confirm if the woman in the photos is Wahhaj at this point, but hopefully it won’t get swept under the rug.