PUBLISHED: 7:11 PM 16 Jan 2018

Civil Defense Revived, Refugee Invasion “Warfare And Military Attacks” As Government Issues Mass Info

Martin Walsh by

Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt warning residents of an invasion.

Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt warning residents of an invasion.

After accepting thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Sweden is now sending out government-issued pamphlets to households explaining to residents how to handle terror attacks.

The pamphlet, titled, “If War Comes,” was first distributed in the 1940s when residents in Sweden were given guidance from the government on handling attacks or an invasion during World War II.

Apparently, conceding that an invasion from radical Islamic terrorists is inevitable, Sweden is warning its citizens to prepare for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and war.

The chilling warning comes after a dramatic increase in crime and violence have plagued many parts of Europe since the hundreds of thousands of refugees came from the Middle East.

The pamphlet details the government plans to “revive civil defense,” meaning the entire community is preparing for what they believe is a massive attack.

“There are a number of concepts linked to warfare and military attacks that we have not communicated to people for many years. It is a challenge,” said Swedish Civil Protection and Preparedness Agency spokeswoman Christina Andersson, according to InfoWars.

Muslim refugees are taking over Europe with a myriad of attacks.

Because nations like Sweden failed to respond to the dramatic uptick in crime and violence from radical Islamic terrorists, Sweden is now paying the ultimate price.

While President Donald Trump has been keenly focused on utterly destroying these terrorists and preventing as many as possible from infiltrating the U.S., countries across Europe are living in fear of an invasion from violent jihadists.

While liberals claim nothing is happening in Europe with Muslim migrants carrying out dangerous attacks, Sweden giving its citizens pamphlets detailing how to survive an invasion is shocking; and it speaks volumes about why Trump wants to secure our borders.

More importantly, consider how bad things have gotten in Europe that a country is suddenly releasing a war survival pamphlet for the first time since World War II.

Source: InfoWars