Citizens Under Surveillance

PUBLISHED: 8:51 PM 19 Mar 2018

Citizens Under Investigation After Concern Over Islam Expansion

She submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request and was visited by police.

Citizens are not being bothered for freely seeking information that is open to the public about Islam.

Threat fusion centers were sold to the masses as a tool to keep us safe, an extra layer of protection. In reality, as Leo Hohmann (dot com) reveals, they are really a tool for destroying the tattered remains of the nation’s Fourth Amendment and stifling the rights of non-liberals.

A full week after Brenda Arthur was visited by “an officer with the West Virginia State Police,” she is still unsettled by it. She had filed a Freedom of Information Act request about a certain mosque and police wanted to know why. Even though Islam has posed a terrible threat in the U.S., this curiosity for some reason perked the interest of authorities.

The 67-year-old leads the West Virginia chapter of ACT For America, a group that alerts people to how Islam and it’s principles (sharia) are being applied in the United States.

In South Charleston, West Virginia, the Islamic Association of West Virginia has caused the lady a good deal of concern since they have “hosted an openly anti-Semitic preacher in the past.” So, Arthur used her legal right to look into construction permits and this alerted law enforcement to her actions.

Today in America, the fact that radical Islam is spreading their hatred all over the West under the PC banner is hardly reported on. Instead, the average American is looked at as a threat.

Sgt. R.C. Workman was soon leaving his number and knocking on the lady’s door, though she had broken no law. It could be argued that those at the threat fusion center violated her rights and that they broke the law, but the everyday American has allowed the Fourth Amendment to all but wither and to die.

Workman was part of West Virginia Intelligence Exchange, a “secretive outfit that works closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s ‘intelligence fusion center’ in West Virginia.” All fifty states have at least one fusion center and each of them likely conducts such warrantless spying every day.

These centers are said to use “non-traditional sources” to make assessments on people. “Corporate America” is said to be used as one of these sources. However, there is nothing in the Constitution that allows for any of this, no matter how authorities wish to spin the fact.

The word mosque, it’s keywords like that. If you don’t like mosques, they’re gonna be after you, they’re watching you because everything is determined by algorithms,” warned John Whitehead, founder of the Charlottesville, Va.-based Rutherford Institute.

He adds that just being an activist (which is fully protected by the First Amendment) is enough to draw attention from a fusion center.

For those who have not broken the law, Whitehead offers easy advice: “If they come to your door, do not talk to them. If they call you on the phone, do not talk to them.”

He added, “They’re copying the tactics of former totalitarian regimes and the slightest mistake can get you in trouble. That’s why you shouldn’t talk to them. The threat assessments are very dangerous. Don’t talk to them. Call someone like us, let us issue one of our letters and that usually shuts them up, and also puts them on record.”

The founder also stated that “Once you’re in their system, you can not get out.

This is not the America that any citizen was ever supposed to be subjected to. Search warrants can be obtained for those who are dangerous and if one is not obtained, then the government has no right to snoop as they are.

Until the citizenry stands up boldly and with great assertion against this kind of abuse, things will only worsen until, soon, no one will even recognize what America is any longer.

Some, like Arthur, might argue that such a day is already at hand.