PUBLISHED: 10:40 PM 17 May 2017

Citizens Panic As Results Of Trudeau’s Open Border Come Full Circle, More Than 12,370 Already

trudeau welcomes

The Prime Minister may be enjoying all of this but his citizens are not.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s liberal Prime Minister, flung open the doors to his country and invited all illegal immigrants and refugees to enter. In his rush to make President Trump look bad, it seems he forgot to consider his citizens before he laid out the welcome mat. Now, just five months into a new year, Canada has hit the halfway mark to leaving last year’s number of asylum claims in the dust.

In 2013, Canada saw 10,370 refugee asylum applicants. In 2017, that number had more than doubled to 23,895. Reports now say that 12,370 have already come in. If that trend continues, the country could see well over 30,000 before the end of the year.

These are the official numbers and they tell a startling story. But there is also the tale that isn’t documented, the migrants who make their way across the border undetected and don’t declare themselves. It turns out that the majority of Canada doesn’t like that any better than the citizens of America do.

The country to our north is also becoming aware of a problem the U.S. is fighting desperately, sanctuary cities. Reporter Faith Goldy states, “apart from our Prime Minister’s invitation to the world, there’s a new municipal fad of ‘sanctuary cities’.”

She went to the border city of Emerson, Manitoba and found the residents there very unhappy with the current situation. While their Prime Minister calls the refugee situation “positive and exciting,” citizens report a very different story.

Goldy heard tales of illegals pounding on doors in the middle of the night and public resources being completely swallowed as cities try to take care of the tide of undocumented refugees. Border agents say that approximately half of those crossing the border have a serious criminal history.

As a country who is drowning in this crisis, America certainly can understand. We are fortunate to finally have a leader who is doing his best to combat the problem. Just like Canada though, liberals are standing in the way. As Justin Trudeau says, they are “proud.”