Citizens Arrest Migrant

PUBLISHED: 11:24 PM 24 Jan 2018

Citizens Bust Migrant Sex Predator Meeting 14-Year-Old, Police Want Them To Stop

The man received 17 months in jail after arranging to meet the child because his lawyer claimed he didn’t know this was wrong.

Do police want the Guardians to stop because it is dangerous or for a more nefarious reason?

Pedophilia is a real and growing problem that truly ruins the lives of its victims. Monsters try to lure children in with sweet talk and the promise of gifts in order to ruin their lives due to their own sexual desires. Now a Muslim pedophile in the United Kingdom is claiming that he did not know that trying to have sex with a 14-year-old was wrong when citizen vigilantes entrapped the pervert.

Child marriage, or pedophilia in the West, is rampant in the Muslim communities of the world as their religion encourages the behavior. Rather than trying to explain that children can not consent to sexual relations, Muslim apologists would rather tell Westerners that any attempts at raping children is a misunderstanding and just a cultural hiccup. This defense can no longer fly as those seeking to ruin the lives of children must be held to the highest form of justice and vigilantes like the Guardians of the North are determined to see justice administered.

Pedophile hunting gangs have formed across the United Kingdom in an effort to combat the mass amounts of grooming taking place. Many of these grooming gangs are Muslim related as their religion encourages Muslims to do as they please with infidel women, especially children. This is a part of Islam and one of the reasons why the religion is incompatible with the societies formed in the West.

Adil Sultan was intensely questioned during his arrest after pedophile hunters managed to hold him until the police arrived. The officials in charge of prosecuting found that Sultan lied about his age to the child, as he is really 39 posing as 25, and even knew that the girl he was questioning was, in fact, a child. The pedophile hunters lured in the pedophile who did not mind that the girl was 14 and immediately began talking sexually to the child. The bottom line is that he lied about his age and knew the girl was underage.

This is the culture that is being imported into mass by the globalists that are currently running Europe. Hundreds of thousands of migrants who hate Westerners and Western culture are making themselves at home in nations that oppose their values. Muslims treat their women as property and infidels are treated even worse. Infidels are sub-human to Muslims and it is encouraged by the religion to do as one pleases with the infidels they capture.

There is a massive industry in the world that governments refuse to answer questions about. Every year people across the globe are informed that millions of children are subjected to inhumane conditions as they are tortured and raped often, sometimes to death. Men pay for access to children sex slaves and so there is an industry to be found, one that looks to capture children and sell them to bidders.

Many of these gangs have been found to have had Pakistani relations, especially in the United Kingdom where there truly is an epidemic. Put it into perspective, hundreds of thousands of pedophile-tolerant Muslims are looking for work in the land of infidels, is it really that hard to understand that they are the ones stealing and selling children so grown men can rape them?

There are those that are doing everything they can to combat this kind of abuse, legally. The pedophile hunter group “Guardians of the North” pose as children online to get the pedophiles to expose themselves to adults rather than susceptible children. Their methods, however, are too effective for the likes of the totally incapable police forces as the Guardians of the North are instrumental in prosecuting pedophiles.

Their work has grown so successful that the same police departments that were caught covering up the child raping gangs are now forced to condemn the actions of the vigilantes. Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs Council lead for child protection, has had to come out and say that the Guardians of the North are endangering children in order to get them to stop. Not only is this a blatant lie but it reveals that those ordered to protect children are actually looking to keep them in danger.

Europe is going to need more vigilante groups like the Guardians of the North because there is a direct relation to the number of children going missing and the migrants making themselves at home. Capturing and raping infidels is part of Islam and part of the jihad that is constantly waging against those who are not Muslim.

The Guardians of the North are the true heroes that the United Kingdom needs in a time where their police are all but helpless to stop children from being raped by grown men.