CIA Director Warns, One Will Not Be Enough

PUBLISHED: 10:08 PM 24 Jan 2018

CIA Director Pompeo Issues A Warning About North Korea, Kim Jong Un

North Korea will likely not be content with just one test.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo had some grave words about North Korea's leader.

North Korea has long flaunted the fact that they intend to use their attempts at becoming a nuclear nation as a bargaining chip on the world stage. This is a shock to no one since the leader of the D.P.R.K, Kim Jong-un, has all but written this intention in the sky. What is rather shocking is that his nation was not stopped before this could become a terrible reality, which it has.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is saying that the “US intelligence community still considers North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to be a ‘rational actor‘” but that admitting it “does not mean he is only developing nuclear weapons as a means to preserve his regime,according to MSN News. The very development of the N.K.’s arsenal is what is causing the alarm, a fact that the Asain nation must accept.

N.K. has said that they are only developing WMD in order to prevent the U.S. or others from toppling them as was the case in Libya and Iraq. Pompeo feels otherwise and has said, “We do believe he would use these tool sets beyond self-preservation” as he spoke at the American Enterprise Institute.

He also stated that the despotic regime would likely use “both nuclear and conventional military forces” for what he calls “coercive” purposes. In other words, it is thought Kim Jong-un aims to use nuclear weapons to unify all of Korea under his foul rule.

Since comparing South Korea to North Korea is like comparing Ethiopia to America, there is no way that the people of S.K. would ever allow this to even be whispered (much less to happen). Just the same, this seems to be the intent.

The director informed those listening that “Kim Jong Un will not rest with one single successful test” to prove that North Korea has ample weaponry to his the U.S. mainland, but will use frequent tests to display this.

His next move would be to develop an arsenal” or the ability “to deliver missiles from multiple firing points simultaneously,” it is believed. Pompeo said that “our mission is to make the day that he can do that as far off as possible.”

There is even a concern that those working with Kim Jong-un may be giving their “Dear Leader” truncated news when it comes to President Donald Trump’s resolve on the matter. The White House has said time and time again that a nuclear-armed North Korea is not something that the U.S.A. is ever going to allow. This has been said openly to many at the U.N., so it has to be known by N.K.’s leader to some degree.

Stil, Pompeo declared, “It is not a healthy thing to be a senior leader and bring bad news to Kim Jong Un. Tell someone you are going to do that and then try to get a life insurance policy” This is how Hitler lost World War Two, so it is not out of the realm of possibility, as history has shown us.

To be sure that everything is clearly known to the pudgy leader, the U.S. is “taking real-world actions we think will make it unmistakable to Kim Jong Un that we are pursuing denuclearization,” Pompeo admitted.

When I came in it (North Korea) clearly hadn’t received the attention and focus for what this administration was going to ask for,” the head of the C.I.A. has said. Many other past leaders have dropped the ball on N.K., something that the Trump administration is forced to deal with today.

Pressure is certainly being applied. Starvation is at an all-time high due to world sanctions, a fact which may lead the citizens to revolt. If that were to happen, a bloodbath would likely follow, but it would certainly be a scenario that sees fewer dead than if the U.S. is forced to attack.

Meanwhile, the only person with the power to stop this is Kim Jong-un. Hopefully, he will heed the warnings being issued from Uncle Sam before it is too late to do so.

Sources: MSN News – The Conservative Daily Post