Ford Friend Speaks

PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 3 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 10:05 PM 3 Oct 2018

Christine Ford Threw Friend “Under The Bus” In Corroboration Attempt

Keyser's family member speaks out, and criticized Christine Blasey Ford for throwing her 'under the bus' in an attempt to find someone to corroborate the claim, and for comments on 'health' of the former golf pro.

Christine Ford threw her friend under the bus without warning, all in an attempt to corroborate her otherwise uncorroborated allegation.

When Christine Blasey Ford was casting around for people who would be able to corroborate her allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while Mark Judge watched, she named two people. One was Patrick J. Smyth, also known as ‘PJ,’ and the other was her ‘best friend’ at the time, Leland Keyser.

However, like Smyth, Keyser didn’t corroborate the allegations either. In fact, her lawyer said there was “no corroboration.”

According to Keyser, whom Ford declared was her “best friend” at Holton-Arms, she was “completely blindsided” and left “reeling” when she was named as a corroborating witness of an ‘attempted rape.’ Now, a family member is speaking out on her behalf, suggesting of her former friend, Mrs. Ford, “threw her under the bus.”

Keyser was spotted for the first time since the ordeal began, and according to commentators and images hosted on various websites, she looked “weary” and worn by the stress of the accusations she’s been dragged into.

The pictures, acquired by DailyMailTV, showed Keyser for the first time since she was named by Ford, and the Holton-Arms alum seemed to show the stress of being thrust into the national spotlight.

In an account exclusive to Daily Mail’s TV arm, a family member close to the now 52-year-old woman said that her former ‘best friend’ didn’t so much as give her a warning before calling her a corroborating witness.

The family members also pointed out that to her knowledge, the pair of women hadn’t talked in many years, and that they “certainly” weren’t very close any more.

She said that Keyser was “completely blindsided” when her name was injected into the ongoing debate about whether or not Christine Ford’s allegations were at all believable, and that when she woke up on Thursday morning, her name had been splashed all around media outlets.

The family member, who refused to identify them-self, explained that her relative was just trying to keep her head down and hoping that the furor around the case would die down.

She also stated that it felt like Leland Keyser had been “called to the principal’s office” to give evidence or an account of something, and that she had just been thrown “under the bus” by her former friend.

The attorney who has represented Keyser throughout this ordeal, Howard J Walsh III, confirmed last night that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, pursuant to their investigation into allegations against Judge Kavanaugh’s character, interviewed his client.

He also told the media that when she did so, she restated what she had said during her testimony: that she could not corroborate Ford’s account, and that she had no knowledge of the party, of the claimed assault, or of ever meeting or interacting with the future federal judge and United States Supreme Court nominee.

What she told investigators from the FBI completely matched with what she had said in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Doctor Christine Ford, now 51 years old, accused Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her during a party in Montgomery County in the Summer of 1982.

She named the Supreme Court nominee, as well as his friend Mark Judge, as being involved. She alleged that Judge watched (and laughed) as Kavanaugh attempted to take off her one-piece bathing suit.

Both of them vehemently denied the claims, or that anything similar had ever happened.

Then she claimed that PJ Smyth was a witness to the whole scandalous event, but he denied that he had seen anything similar at a ‘party’ either.

Keyser was Ford’s final hope for some sort of corroboration.

Perhaps worst of all, when Keyser would not corroborate her claims, Ford and her legal team suggested that she couldn’t recall the party due to “significant health challenges” she had faced recently.

Her relative pointed out that while the health issues that the former professional golfer face, which included 14 operations to her neck and back, had made her the least able to stand up to the SJC’s questioning, they had not impacted her memory.

In an attempt to coax Keyser into backing Ford’s still-uncorroborated claim about the ‘party’ or gathering, Sara Corcoran, a publisher of the National Courts Monitor who knew the Holton-Arms grad when they were younger, dredged up a horrific and emotionally trying event in her own past.

In an open letter published in the Daily Caller, Corcoran reminded Keyser of the day in July 1988 when her boyfriend, ‘Bill,’ broke his neck and died while diving into the shallow end of the pool at the Columbia Country Club.

Corcoran excoriated Keyser, and said that she felt like the woman knew “where the house was and who was there.”

However, through it all, the former Georgetown University golf coach has remained consistent, even as people seemed more than happy to utilize ‘emotional blackmail’ against her.