PUBLISHED: 10:00 PM 9 Feb 2017

Christian Pastor Now Under Attack After A Sermon He Gave Left Some In His Town Feeling Outraged


Christian pastor Haney faces opposition for simply preaching the truth about Islam.

When Christopher Columbus first suggested that it was impossible to fall off of the Earth, he was not only called a madman, but some called him evil and disrespectful to God. It did not matter that he was right or that it was a simple matter of seafaring fact, the facts did not matter, only that the facts did not fit a desired narrative. Pastor Nathaniel Haney from Stockton, California, probably feels a lot like the great sailor as he is accused of hate speech for speaking the facts about Islam.

Pastor Haney has correctly said that “If you have not been out of this country, if you’ve never been to a Muslim country, you don’t understand how dark Islam is,” which unless someone has otherwise educated themselves on what Islam is in many nations, is 100% true.  CBS/KORTV is reporting that “some people” (really only “one person”) were offended by the words that the good pastor spoke and that his speaking facts aloud is somehow against Islam. CAIR, a well-known anti-American, pro-Islamic group has found offense in the statements too, which should come as a surprise to no one alive.


For speaking out that beating people and drowning them is “dark”, pastor Nathaniel Haney is being accused of hate speech. Would it be loving to say nothing?

The lone California social justice crybaby who is offended by factual statements is named Evangelina Solano Rosas (whose birth name would imply that at least her parents knew better) was offended in part by the words, “This Muslim problem, I know that some people believe what I’m’ saying but because you don’t’ want to get blown up or you don’t want to get exiled you don’t say it.” It appears that our little social justice warrior attends college with those of the Islamic faith whom she “respects” and as such, she felt that the message was against her.

People don’t understand how bad Islam is,” warned the prudent pastor. This statement only lead Rosas and her PC indoctrinated mindset that swears acceptance at any cost to state that the words of  Haney could plant “hateful ideas” into people’s minds. “Who knows where they will go with them,” she whines. Sadly for her, just like opinions could not change the facts about sailing off of the Earth, her faulty and wrong minded views can not change the FACT that everything that Pastor Haney said was true.

Another Man Thrown To His Death By ISIS For Being Gay Another horrifying set of pictures have been released reportedly showing a man being thrown off a tall building after being found guilty of being gay.

Throwing a gay man off of a skyscraper is quite dark to most people, but such truth offends social justice warriors.

As if there could exist any doubt of this, let us remember what Saudi Arabia does to women who drive a car (beatings or death), men who disobey sharia law (beatings or death), homosexuals (beating or death), and so on down the line. Perhaps it is not a fact to Ms. Rosas that such things are, as the pastor states, “dark.” For most of us, beatings and death is pretty dark stuff.

Maybe it is not “dark” that the Islamic faith can have a whole room full of people agree that Islam is violent and dogmatic and that they are afraid often to agree with the truth out of fear of being “blown up or exiled.” After all, if Islam was not “dark“, then people would not be afraid of being blown up and exiled by them. They don’t feel that way about Hindus, Mormons, Sikhs, atheists, or even doorstep dwelling Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why is that?



CAIR says that hate crimes and violence reports are “going up” against Muslims, yet CBS/KORTV could only show offensive words spray painted poorly on a wall, but what appeared to be the script of losers with no life, not a concerted effort. Even if it was, while illegal and certainly should be punished if/when those guilty are caught by law enforcement for defacement, mean-spirited WORDS to NOT equate to CAIR’s false claim of rising VIOLENCE. The fact is that there is virtually NO hate crimes of any merit from non-Muslims towards Muslims. Oh, there is some idiot with bacon grease, but is this a religion or a group of creampuffs? While such actions are disgusting and rude they are not violent or anything close to it.

The left loves to confuse and combine words that have different meanings together so as to better manipulate the conversation. The fact that people like Evangelina Rosas do not want to face is that almost every single conflict active in the world today has to do with Islam not getting along with those around them or even themselves. We see it in Pakistan (Islamic) with China. We see it with Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and every other would-be wonderful nation that flies the crescent moon. It is a fact to anyone civilized that cutting off heads, burning people alive, hurling them from massive buildings, drowning them, and torching 11 yr old girls sexual organs is in fact, dark. Only spoiled politically correct brats from California who know nothing of evil and the world would suggest anything less.


Many Muslims supported Trump and still do because they know what the radical arm of their religion does.

The fact that this snowflake’s fellow students are not mad bombers and worthy of respect does not mean that the very nations that many of them came from would not slaughter them just for taking a class with a man in the room if they were to let it be known there. The pastor said clearly “outside” of the United States of America. That said, if something is not done, the darkness that the pastor warns about in places like Saudi Arabia and Iran will be the reality here.

No one is saying that all Islamists are bad, but many are pointing out the fact that Islam has many bad elements about it make it worthy of an added scrutiny that one would not give to an Irish Catholic or a Native American sun worshipper, for instance. Until poisoned potatoes and warmed beer starts being served or arrows start flying (while it is still legal to make such jokes), this is not likely to change.

All of this is too much for the Rosas of the world to process, but then again, most people like her would not set foot into a Christian church even if mandated to by a federal judge and towed in with a construction chain, so she is doing better than most. Hopefully, those like her worldview will diminish in number and those with a deeper knowledge of facts will grow because if not, the darkness that Ms. Rosas is so afraid to accept as Islamic will be putting her into a burka.