CCP Linked To Dominion Tech

PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM 27 Nov 2020

Chinese Falsified Blank American Election Ballots: Poll Counter Opens Chinese Package As Dominion Tech Linked To CCP

The video has not been confirmed, but the fact that Dominion had a communist hacker working for them has been.

Holy smokes! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Video has emerged, allegedly showing a Chinese factory selling blank, falsified American ballots.

One poll worker in Atlanta was actually photographed opening a package from Chine during the counting process… and now, a Dominion tech has been connected to the CCP proxy that was flagged by the U.S. government for “malicious cyber activity.”

Of course, the mainstream media claims that all of this evidence is simply a “theory” and the thousands of affidavits proving widespread election fraud are not good enough.

The National Pulse reported:

China Telecom is wholly run by the Chinese government, and has been identified by the U.S. Department of Defense as having collaborated with the country’s military for over two decades.

Similarly, the Department of Justice flagged the firm for “concerns that China Telecom is vulnerable to exploitation, influence, and control by the Chinese government” and how “the nature of China Telecom’s U.S. operations” provide “opportunities for Chinese state-actors to engage in malicious cyber activity enabling economic espionage and disruption and misrouting of U.S. communications.”

Huang, who fulfills the critical technology role at Dominion, worked at the Chinese firm from 1998 to 2002.

Huang’s LinkedIn.

Tasks which Huang assisted with include the “Xiamen IDC Project,” the “Xiamen Metropolitan-are broadband network,” and the “OA Intranet infrastructure reformation project.”

While the specific nature of his work on these projects is not entirely clear, Cisco, a company he worked with extensively, is responsible for upholding China’s draconian internet firewall.

Huang’s LinkedIn profile displays his employer as one of his “interests.”

Huang’s LinkedIn interests.

This unearthed connection adds to the growing list of shady connections Dominion Voting System retains with entities opposed to President Trump, as U.S. intelligence officials have confirmed that Beijing prefers a Biden presidency.

Chinese state media officials have confirmed these sentiments.

Similarly, Dominion shows upwards of 95 percent of donations from its U.S. employees as donors to Democrats. The firm also has a team of lobbyist featuring Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff and an Obama-era vote protection director.

Establishment media outlets, however, maintain that these ties are “baseless conspiracies.”