PUBLISHED: 10:02 PM 25 Jan 2017

China Places WMD Weapon System On Russian Border, Putin Now Allowing It As U.S. Targeted


China has moved deadly Dongfeng-41 ICBMs to its border with Russia as Putin turns a blind eye.

When Donald Trump that he was not Putin’s best friend, he was careful to distance himself from the Russian leader. No, not because of debunked sex scandals or equally false news like CNN puts out about the vote, but because Putin is a dangerous man. He respects Trump and the respect is returned, but just because Trump is not hopping into war like Slim Pickens on a Strangelove warhead,  he is well aware that Putin does not have America’s best interests at heart any more than Nancy Pelosi or George Soros does, which is of course to say none.

Putin was likely behind the radiological poisoning of a political adversary, so this ex-KGB communist at heart is not to be taken as an ally in the true sense of the word. It is with this in mind that we understand that while Putin was in great rage over the presence of American and NATO weapons on his border, so much so that he has been on the brink of war with the US ever since they showed up there, why is Putin suddenly so accepting of Chinese (communist) missiles on his doorstep?


Why is Putin so allowing of missiles from China upon his border but not those of NATO or the USA?

Russia is claiming that because, due to logistics and the arch needed, the Chinese weapons can not be used against Russia, but likely upon the United States. This anti-Trump argument if heavily flawed in that if Putin is accepting of the fact that a border neighbor wants to point ICBM’s at Russia’s “friend” America, then what kind of friend is Putin? Secondly, if Russia can ascertain that Chinese weapons are not on a trajectory heading with Russia as a target based on where they are placed and how, then why could Russia not have done the same for the USA and NATO weapons?

The reason is because Putin is first of all too proud to allow help from America in fighting terror. Secondly, no leader trusts Obama on his border any more than they would trust a black mamba in their living rooms. The US now has a reputation for taking over nations, even when they pose no threat like Libya. Beyond that, many of the nations in NATO are sworn enemies of Russia. Still, even with these facts, is Putin foolish enough to trust the Chinese? Russia trusted another brutal tyrant once named Adolf Hitler, and we know how that ended for the Bear.


A war, the China seems bent upon, could easily lead to World War Three.

The news that Beijing has moved state of the art Dongfeng-41 ICBMs in Heilongjiang Province to the border with Russia is believed to be a purposeful leak meant to show muscle against incoming president Donald Trump as he nobly took office. Trump has stood against China’s manipulation of its money as well as their stealing of US jobs in the form of NAFTA and slave labor since he bravely began. The weapons that China has deployed are fully nuclear capable and can strike with deadly precision.

The leaders of China are crazed enough to attack the US over Trump’s choice of Tillerson who has said that China must refrain from building islands in the South China Sea as well as refrain from tending to the islands or dwelling there. The demand may sound unreasonable, but China can not expect to have free say over the South China Sea AND want the world to do business with them as they point weapons at passing hauling ships – it’s just bad for business.

Atop that, China has already engaged in deals that would make this kind of hampering of international and shared waters an utter travesty, not to mention illegal.


China and the US were supposed to become closer when NAFTA gave to them US good US jobs.

Because we know that the weapons are not deep enough, even according to the Kremlin, to reach key areas of Russia due to the arch and range of the weapons, we know that America is who China would most like to attack. Even their sorrowful lapdog North Korea has been talking about the “joys” of nuking the United States and killing untold millions. This has been an ongoing problem with China for awhile now. They are simply angry that the US has elected a new sheriff in town and that he isn’t buying the lie that America needs to prosper off of Chinese slave labor.

China is also quite furious at the fact that NAFTA has exposed the other great lie of outsourcing, namely that it “helps the poor nations rise.” Sure, NAFTA has helped China rise, if by “China” one means the elites at the top. The average worker has to have safety nets put outside of places like Apple in China to prevent suicides during the worker’s lunch breaks. The influx of money and jobs from the USA had not made China richer, it has only made America poorer. There is no reason that any of our jobs should be sent to such a vile nation. For that matter, why should American jobs be sent to any nation?


Life is so bleak for those that work at Apple in China that there must be safety nets to prevent suicides during the work day. Did NAFTA and outsourcing make their lives better?

Did other nations send the US their jobs when America was forming or did America do it themselves? Certainly one can not blame slavery as the reason that America did so well considering that most of the nations that we send our jobs to have slaves, and they are not rising. When they do rise, it is only for the cheese eaters at the very top, not the poor slave that is treated with disdain by the elites who live in palaces.

Trump is busy signing deals to get us out of the TPP, working deals to get auto manufacturing back, and dealing with ridiculous women in silly hats. He is not looking for a fight, but if China keeps trying to get Trump’s attention, they will.