PUBLISHED: 6:20 PM 1 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 11:16 PM 20 Mar 2017

China Outraged As Trump Defends His Words, South Korea Has Completed Test Of THAAD System


China, through their own words, has caused America to consider them a threat.

If freedom of the press existed in China, it would be really hard to write the story today. The headline would be something like “China Provokes US, Threatens US, Lines WMD on Russia’s Border for Trump Inauguration; Why Is America Mad?” While that may sound absurd to actually see written, it is the truth. China has been bullying the U.S. ever since we were roped into NAFTA and they acquired all of the nation’s best jobs. They even trashed Obama for meeting the Dali Lama, as if the Chinese should dictate American actions.

This worsened, their hatred for the U.S, when Trump suggested that our best jobs may be best served by serving the American worker before the Chinese worker, since our economy is crashing. China thinks that they are entitled to the whole world’s best jobs in the same way that they think that they are entitled to the whole South China Sea. They want the world to do business with them while they take over whatever they want, how they want, and no one is ever to say anything against them. This is why they have attacked Trump since he announced that he was going to care a little bit more about America than China, something that no president has done in decades.


China has concerns that the radar that stops North Korean or Chinese aggression may penetrate their nation. This would not be the case if China has not began to threaten war.

Much like Russia is somehow surprised that threatening to use WMD and intimidating battleships on the U.S.A. may lead to Trump appointing more “Russia cautious” minds like McMaster to replace Flynn (who was more open to Russia), so it is today that China is shocked that America is taking their threats just as real. America is, in theory, supposed to simply allow China to belittle and threaten the U.S. while nothing is done in response. Since Trump has seen through a land swap with South Korea that would, according to reports, “allows authorities to deploy a U.S. missile defense system,” China is both angered and perplexed by the action.

What did China expect, a “thank you” note and some candy? Their prodigal son, North Korea, is now threatening us daily with nuclear warfare and deadly VX nerve gas as members of their own government are poisoned and shoot with battleship anti-aircraft guns. When Trump compounds this with the many threats of terror from China itself, what president would NOT want a defense system in place? Not understanding that words and anti-American rhetoric have repercussions, China is calling for a U.S. boycott. Many are hoping that Trump simply brings the factories home and makes it a permanent boycott, but that will take time.

A graphic from a Lockheed Martin handout displays the workings of the THAAD missile defense system. A new Pentagon contract will pay the company more than $3.9 billion for the system.

With a price tag of $3.9 billion, THADD is a defensive weapon, not an offensive one, so what is China worried about?

The actual decision to deploy the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system was made last year and was due to Kim Jong-Un of North Korea and his aggressive actions and threats against South Korea and America. China claims that the powerful radar can penetrate into Chinese systems, which is something that they would not be facing if they had not insisted on giving the United States something which they felt needed monitoring. President Xi of China would be wise to remember that it was not America nor it’s proxy hand nation (North Korea) that threatened to kill perhaps millions with a nuclear bomb.

China, via the press, has also said, “We also propose that Chinese society should coordinate voluntarily in expanding restrictions on South Korean cultural goods and entertainment exports to China, and block them when necessary.” This is only going to hurt China since it is the Chinese who own vast amounts of Hollywood and the American music and movie industry. The harder that they try to harm the U.S, the harder that they themselves shall be harmed, in this regard anyway. This would be like America saying that we are boycotting country music.


While China pretends to condemn North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un for nuclear threats against America, China did the same by aiming warheads at the U.S. during Trump inauguration on the Russian border.

The Chinese are also trying to get South Korean cell phones and other such goods boycotted, but who is to say that South Korea can not then simply sell them in greater amounts to other nations? China, again, thinks themselves to be so very important and vital when, in reality, they are only strong due to American factories and trade with South Korea and the West. The U.S. needs only to again have our own factories making our own widgets for our own people to pull out of this terrible need to rely on hateful, spiteful nations that detest us.

While speaking about countries like the U.S. who have companies, factories, and businesses in China, it was said, “Whether or not a foreign company can operate successfully in China, in the end is a decision for the Chinese market and consumer.” While this was meant to be ominous, it is really music to the ears of every nationalist that is rising up in each nation in greater and ever growing numbers. PLEASE, please, China, encourage the business and lure to dry up in your nation. That will only make it far easier for the U.S. to build again on American shores, which is the end game to start with.


Trump is only replying to the hateful words that are said by North Korea.

While recent history has shown China to be one of the most undiplomatic of nations, they called on diplomacy and threatened, “If THAAD is really deployed in South Korea, then China-South Korea relations will face the possibility of getting ready to cut off diplomatic relations.” However, many other nations have open trade with South Korea, so at the end of the day, it is just a readjustment of advertising dollars. Taiwan would happily welcome such trade, for instance. Sure, in the public eye, South Korean officials must appear concerned because this could set off what would be a temporary economic setback, but all South Koreans know that China is just covering for North Korea. North Korean WMD – be it VX, nuclear, or otherwise – is far worse than China not buying a Nokia.

If China really wants such radar systems absent from the landscape, then perhaps they can stop trying to intimidate the U.S. Maybe they should try NOT building man-made islands, plastering weapons upon them, and siding with Russia as if this were 1960. The hand that feeds China is America due to NAFTA, which as Trump thankfully ends, will mean unilateral trade talks As such, if China wants a place at the table once NAFTA is safely in the trash can, then they had better stop acting like they want war, because America is done being threatened by anyone.