Countries Defying America Will Be Sanctioned

PUBLISHED: 6:44 PM 7 Feb 2018

China Named As President Trump Doubles Down On Sanctions Promise

An America First agenda includes foreign countries taking back their people.

President Trump plans to implement sanctions on countries that refuse to take back their foreign nationals the United States has deportations orders for.

Under previous administrations, foreign countries have refused to take back their foreign nationals that the United States has scheduled for deportation. For example, Chinese foreign nationals in the United States that have been processed for removal have often been rejected by their homeland, they don’t want them in their country any more than we want them in ours.

Neither Obama nor George W. Bush placed any pressure on these countries to take back their nationals. These administrations prioritized foreign relations over the safety and well being of Americans. This meant several countries were effectively using the United States as a storage locker for their criminals.

President Donald J. Trump has a new strategy which takes multiple approaches to address these bad actors.

One approach is tariffs. President Trump has announced he will implement tariffs on goods these countries export to the United States if they continue to refuse to accept their foreign nationals the United States has rejected.

Many of these countries, such as China, depend on trade with the United States and their economies would suffer greatly if barriers to that trade were to be erected. The disproportionate trade imbalance between the United States and China in 2016 was a staggering $347 billion.

Tariffs are a good barrier because it could price many of their companies out of the market and open the market up for American businesses to be more competitive.

When Trump announced a new tariff on solar panels from China, the company responded by announcing it would be opening factories in the United States.

Another key part of President Trump’s plan to force these nations to take back their rejected nationals involves cutting the immense aid many of these countries receive from the United States.

President Trump has vowed that any country unwilling to take back their nationals after they have been processed for deportation, can expect their handouts from the United States to come to a halt.

The vast majority of the countries these foreign nationals are coming from are not first world nations and depend heavily on the charity of the United States government for sustenance.

Knowing without this aid the countries will sink into further turmoil, these nations will unlikely forgo the much-needed funds just so they can reject a few of their own criminals.

President Trump also plans to suspend visas from any country unwilling to take back their nationals. If a country refuses to accept the bad apples they have sent into the United States, their people will no longer have an opportunity to come here.

Immigrating to the United States is a dream that is widely shared across the globe, especially in unsuccessful countries. The governments of these nations taking actions which crush that dream for all of their people would be wildly unpopular and potentially lead to unrest.

Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Cambodia and Guinea have all have had visa suspensions placed on them by President Trump’s administration after they continued to reject their foreign nationals the United States has processed for deportation.

President Trump said: “They will take them back so fast your head will spin.” when the United States implements sanctions on countries that are refusing to take back their nationals,  President Trump’s agenda has been working too.

Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Cambodia, and Guinea have all been accepting their nationals back since the sanctions have been in place.

These countries all depend on the United States, not the other way around, and President Trump is making this fact crystal clear to their corrupt leaders.

Previous administrations, such as the Obama administration, allowed countries to ban their nationals from returning after the United States processed them for deportation.

The safety and security of the American people were inconsequential to them in the grander scheme of things, which is also why they also welcomed hordes of people from the third world into our country, knowing they would never assimilate.

President Trump has taken an approach that no previous administration has done in my lifetime, putting America first. Whether it be the deportation of illegal aliens, implementing tariffs to protect American companies and manufacturing, cutting taxes, or forcing other nations to take back their hostile and unwelcome criminal nationals, the policies being pursued by President Trump’s administration are good for the country and good for the American people.