China Spies In Homes

PUBLISHED: 9:06 PM 24 Nov 2018

China Goes ‘Ethnic’ Spying As One Million Residents Enter Muslim Homes

Apparently, China is going to protect its culture and communist rule by literally spying in the homes of Muslims for signs of strict adherence to Islam.

China is ensuring that no religion, other than state-sponsored communism is worshiped.

More than one million Han Chinese have moved, uninvited, into the homes of Muslim families. The massive spy movement by the communist government is designed to find out whether these Islamic people display unpatriotic behavior and an adherence to the Muslim faith.

“Sent to homes in Xinjiang province by the Chinese government, American anthropologist Darren Byler said they were tasked with watching for signs that their hosts’ attachment to Islam might be ‘extreme.’”

The informants are claiming they’re “relatives” of the families, but apparently have been giving detailed instructions on having them let their guard down, such as using alcohol and cigarettes.

“Had a Uighur host just greeted a neighbor in Arabic with the words ‘Assalamu Alaykum’? That would need to go in the notebook,” said Byler, in a recent report in Asia Society’s Centre on US-China Relations.

“Was that a copy of the Quran in the home? Was anyone praying on Friday or fasting during Ramadan? Was a little sister’s dress too long or a little brother’s beard irregular?”

As many as a million Uighurs are thought to have been moved to “re-education’ centers,” as the government clamps down of religious extremism.

China has recently done similar acts to Christians, but such actions rarely make the news. Now that they are working to rid themselves of extremist Muslims, who actually have a history of violence and unmerited slaughter of innocents, the world is suddenly taking notice?

Muslims who have spent time in the camps claim they were forced to undergo intensive indoctrination, urged to renounce Islam and transfer allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.

Dr Byler reported more than a million Chinese civilians, who refer to themselves as “relatives,” were assigned to the homes of Muslims for a series of week-long stays in 2017.

His claim appeared to be confirmed in the Communist Party newspaper, the People’s Daily, which reported “more than 1.1 million people paired up with 1.69 million ethnic minority citizens in China by the end of September this year.”

“Chinese authorities have also been accused of putting Uighur children and those from other ethnic minority groups into state-run orphanages across the western Xinjiang region, even if their parents were not dead, as some one million adults in their families were sent to internment camps.”

Many Americans warn that just such invasive government is what democrats have planned for U.S. citizens.