COVID Chicken Wings

PUBLISHED: 5:22 PM 13 Aug 2020

China Claims Chicken Wings From Brazil Test Positive

Apparently, everyone who came into ‘contact’ with the ‘infected’ wings tested negative.

This is what the lying nation claims. (Source: Chef Steps YouTube Screenshot)

According to Chinese officials, food that has been imported into the country has tested ‘positive’ for coronavirus. Of course, this is the same country that has issued so many lies about the virus it unleashed on the world that they are hard to keep track of.

The New York Post reported:

A batch of frozen chicken wings exported from Brazil to China tested positive for coronavirus, Chinese officials announced Thursday.

The infected poultry was discovered in the city of Shenzhen during routine screenings of imported meat and seafood carried out since June, the city government said in a notice.

The screenings were implemented after a coronavirus outbreak in Beijing was linked to a seafood market.

People who may have come into contact with the chicken wings, along with food products stored near the batch, were tested by Shenzhen’s health authorities. All those results came back negative.

On Wednesday, China also reported that the coronavirus was found on packages of shrimp shipped in from Ecuador.

COVID-19, which has killed over 749,000 people worldwide, was first linked to a seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Whether or not this report is true is anyone’s guess. The communist country has done it’s best to lie about COVID since the beginning of the year, many people argue, so what would stop them from lying now?

In fact, some people argue that this is simply a scare tactic being fabricated for the American left, in order to help push the idea of mail-in voting.