Child Defender Busted

PUBLISHED: 7:25 PM 11 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 2:50 PM 13 Jul 2018

Child Protection Administrator Found Possessing Horrendous Child Abuse Footage

Authorities found an estimated 600 photos and videos at his home.

An employee with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services was found with hundreds of graphic files at his apartment.

WARNING: Contains highly disturbing contect.

Liberal hypocrisy is getting undeniably worse with the severity of associated crimes reaching an inexcusable level. The most recent example involved the manager of a child protection agency in Los Angeles, California who was found possessing 600 images and videos of children being sexually assaulted.

While such a scandal is slightly less surprising occurring in a democratic state, it is no less disturbing that a man responsible for ensuring children’s protection for over 30 years, including removing countless from their homes, was guilty of viewing the torturous footage the entire time.

The monster in question, Carlos Castillo, 54, formerly worked as the assistant regional administrator and adoption manager for the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.

For a reported 30 years, Castillo appeared to uphold his pledge to protect children from harm by removing many from environments deemed not suitable.

However, authorities soon learned that even worse crimes were occurring in Castillo’s home.

Upon the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children learning of ‘illicit child pornography videos and imagery’ being transmitted over the Internet, the department forwarded such information to the Los Angeles County Police Department “which spawned an investigation.”

Investigators soon discovered the source of the material and “kicked in Castillo’s door” at his Hollywood apartment which revealed approximately 600 counts of child pornography. In all the footage, helpless children could be seen “being raped and tormented by their adult abusers.”

Castillo has since been rightfully arrested and remains in police custody.

While the nature of the footage is disturbing alone, the revelation of such has since re-considered prior cases of mothers and fathers losing their parental rights at Castillo’s discretion. Many parents have fought against the protection organization, citing its ‘radical liberal idealists’ who may have wrongfully separated families.

Of course, most parents who have lost their children would claim that an organization mandated such inappropriately. However, considering the sick nature of a man who was supposed to be protecting children from inadequate parents, the department is now admittedly questionable.

Previously, parents disputing the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services provided alleged ‘substantial’ evidence in “both ongoing active cases and those which have been closed.” The recent arrest will surely result in innocent parents more aggressively fighting the department, now armed with the fact that a pervert such as Castillo had been in charge.

Anticipating this, the agency has already declined to discuss how Castillo’s conduct may have affected any concerning cases.

While it may have been difficult to detect a predator among their own if he displayed no other indicators of being a pedophile, the DCFS program proved to be essentially useless in failing to uncover the horrendous child abuse, as it was the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the LAPD that made the discovery.

Perhaps the most detrimental reality to Castillo’s crimes is that while he may have acted corruptly in his work, he can also be held responsible for the horrors that the children in the pictures and videos experienced.

In failing to locate and report the offenders responsible for creating and distributing the footage, Castillo allowed it to occur, all while proudly claiming that he was helping children in Los Angeles County.

Unsurprisingly, the public’s reaction has been that of outrage, causing DCFS to report the following:

“Our mission at the Department of Children and Family Services is to keep kids safe. We recently learned of the arrest of one of our employees for alleged disturbing activity that goes against our mission. We stand ready to assist our partners in law enforcement in their investigation.”

Those who personally knew Castillo said that he appeared “to be an upstanding citizen,” a concerning attribute of many offenders able to keep their disgusting lifestyles secret.

However, law enforcement wanted the public to realize an ever further alarming reality regarding child pornography: such typically does not occur with older children and teenagers as one might assume, but more frequently among infants.

Of the monstrous individuals capable of inflicting such abuse, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd previously said, “We’re talking about people who are RAPING BABIES as young as IN DIAPERS.”

While an apparent societal epidemic, these types of crimes can arguably be linked to liberal policies which pardon violent offenders and illegal immigrants.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement addresses the immigrant side to this in their ‘Operation Predator’ program. However, it has been said that “it’s long overdue for Congress to act on changing legislation” which would make any crimes against children a felony and consider capital punishment for extreme cases of abuse.

Such is absolutely necessary considering the left’s incessant discussion about sexual assault while failing to address such crimes’ most vulnerable victims.

The liberal media portrays the right as the party who is targeting children with its support for the ‘child-killing’ NRA and deportation efforts that have separated families.

However, the recent immigration controversy has revealed an even worse side of democrats as several Hollywood actors protested President Donald Trump’s recent enforcement of federal law by attacking his underage son, Barron Trump.

Peter Fonda discussed “locking Barron Trump in a cage to be raped by pedophiles” while fellow actor, Tom Arnold, “suggested that he would stalk” the boy at his school.

Of course, conservatives will continue to fight for the wellbeing of children beginning in the womb while democrats to fail to. Yet a major concern remains: if organizations with the mission of protecting minors are employed by pedophiles, who then is protecting the children in these liberal states?