PUBLISHED: 10:35 PM 9 Jan 2017

“Child Jihadists” Revealed In Latest ISIS Propaganda, Forced To Brutally Execute “The Infidels”


This seven year old was taught in such a way that she happily beheaded a man.

In America today, it seems as though every time that some madman kills someone, they are “not guilty” by reason of “FILL IN THE BLANK“. While there are instances which this may, in reality, be the case, there are a few times in recorded history where that alibi or reason was very true.

The most obvious example is found in the Hitler Youth. Boasting classes for both boys and girls, the Hitler Youth was an optional youth group that soon became a mandatory group which lied to children and taught them things about race and science that had no basis in fact. This lead to them growing into adults able to kill certain people because they did not know that they were “people” at all. Finding out would be like discovering that two plus two equaled fourteen.

Today in the world, there is another group of children who are being raised with such blindness and hate. Recent video has been released by ISIS showing a small child beheading a man tied to a carnival ride. There is video of children laughing and helping with a stoning, a small lad shooting someone at point blank range, and cutting a person’s throat. The video is also produced very well, showing that ISIS must be a bit stronger still than Democrats admit.


During WW2, Japan used barefoot children to mine deadly uranium, Hitler used children to kill, and today ISIS is following in their footsteps.

No one knows for sure what terrors these children have seen. Some have said that “you would not more ask a child for sex than you would ask a shoe to wear it,” a disgusting remark that shows that sexual abuse would be also “normal” for such a child. This too is a copy of the Hitler Youth in that some girls from the girl’s faction of the youth movement were used as breeders for future Nazi warriors.

The internet is awash with videos of children singing in shrieking voices the joys of dying in battle and of bathing in the blood of the enemies of Allah. Mohamed took a child bride of nine that he himself knew in an adult sense only a few years later, but such was common in a time when people often died much younger than today.

This was seen in the fact that Mother Mary is considered by most scholars to have been around 13 to 16 years old when she was with child, but the difference is that Christian’s today are not marrying 13-year-olds very often because the culture of 2000 years ago may have. The more radical side of Islam is doing just that today, and far worse.


Radical Islam is teaching terror and hate to children from birth.

If a child is taught that only one kind of person is worthy of life and that other people are actually a threat to life now as well as in the hereafter, then killing for a child would be no harder than a person’s son mowing the yard. This means that things such as gassing whole rooms full of people who you just looked in the eye and said were to receive a shower is no harder than praying to a god while cutting a man’s throat as he is tied to an amusement park ride. The perfect way to create a killing machine is not to make the perfect robot, but to make a person the perfect robot, unfortunately.

We are seeing this in a different and thankfully less severe way here in the United States, and much of the rapidly falling West. While not harming our children like ISIS, we are doing them a great injustice by instructing them of a few lies on the other spectrum of the system.

We are telling them that all cultures are even, for instance. That includes cultures that throw people from high-rise buildings or killing people who have never done harm to anybody. It includes telling our children that everyone gets an award when not everyone earned one. While no child needs belittlement for failing, no child needs an award for it, either.


This small child was taken by ISIS adults and told to shoot a man in a carnival playpen.

So gravely important is the understanding of this that it should maybe be written in the skies by trick performance pilots because if a child is taught that everyone is equal, then they are not going to be able to tell the lambs from the lions in the world.

It won’t do our youth any more good to teach them that a society that rapes women is as good as a society that does not any more than it would help them to teach them that all people are good and then set them loose in New York City. Such a child would not last an hour before being mugged or otherwise burdened. It used to be that we told our children who the bad guys are in the world were, now we just try and take all of the real terror in the world and downplay it to the level of the “Closet Monster.”

Some of the images found within this new ISIS video are nothing short of nauseating. It hearkens back to the days of Vietnam when children of hardly walking age were strapped with bombs and sent towards troops. The troops would either have to gun the child down to save the lives of both himself and his comrades, or he would hold his fire, and if left alive, see his fellow men blown about like movie props.


What will this ISIS child, already beheading, be forced to grow into?

The world needs now to take a stark and vivid look at what is happening because jut like the world had to deal with a generation of Germans who thought that non-Germans were not human, so it shall be with these radicals. The problem is that this is not one generation of otherwise well taught people, but rather MANY generations of poorly taught people who are already in their 20’s, 30’s, or even 50’s and who ready to “make god proud.” By comparison then, fixing the Hitler Youth generation was child’s play.

Thanks to lax policies by Obama, these kids are now all over the United States, meshed in our schools with our children, and ready to attack!