PUBLISHED: 8:58 PM 12 Jan 2018

Chief Violates Federal AND State Law, Liberals Rush To Defend As Investigation Begins

Allison Hillman by

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

Texas has launched its first official investigation under the new sanctuary laws in their state. The southern state is one of the few acting against sanctuary cities and in favor of federal law. Senate Bill 4 outlaws “sanctuary” jurisdictions which have had Democrats running to court, trying to get the law overturned. A San Antonio police chief neglected to act as he should and ignored his state and federal laws. Liberals are naturally rushing to his defense.

Chief William McManus has received multiple complaints about his actions after the results of a human smuggling case came to light in December.

The case began when a truck was discovered carrying 12 illegal immigrants. It was a fairly clear case of human trafficking and the truck driver was charged. Chief McManus, however, made the decision to release the illegals found in the truck.

To be clear, Texas lawmakers made this decision already. They have mandated that sanctuary policies are not permitted so the chief violated the laws he swore to uphold. On top of that, federal law has already been made very clear and he chose not to abide by those either.

Marc Rylander, communications director for State Attorney General Ken Paxton made a statement;

“Our office has received multiple complaints alleging that the San Antonio police chief violated Senate Bill 4, the Texas law prohibiting sanctuary city policies that the attorney general has authority to enforce. We have begun our investigation and demanded that the San Antonio Police Department preserve all of its records relating to the incident.”

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to look into possible violations of the las by Chief McManus. He wrote;

“Such action could be in direct violation of the recently passed Senate Bill 4 and threatens the safety of citizens and law enforcement. Should your office receive a citizen complaint as required by Senate Bill 4, I encourage you to act swiftly to ensure San Antonio Police Department is in compliance with the law.”

The president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association is not pleased with the chief either. Mike Helle stated;

“We finally have a higher authority looking into the chief’s conduct. That is a good thing.”

As of this week, besides the lawmakers’ notes, the attorney general’s office has received six formal complaints about Chief McManus.

The Texas Democratic Party has called the investigation un-American. Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa stated;

“Let’s be clear about what happened here: a suspected human smuggler was arrested. Twelve human trafficking victims, who went through hell, were placed in the safety and security of Catholic Charities. Public safety was strengthened because our local law enforcement followed best practices and valued building trust with their community. Now, Texas Republicans want to lock up Chief McManus for doing his job.”

No, Mr. Chairman, he is being investigated for NOT doing his job.

Source: Police One