'Dirtiest' CIA Link

PUBLISHED: 8:16 PM 11 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 9:59 PM 11 Sep 2018

Chief Of Clandestine Spies Implicated in Trump Targeting Plot

Greg Vogle implicated as ‘missing man’ who may have coordinated anti-Trump intelligence world-wide.

Up until now, all of the reporting “of the covert ‘Spygate’ operation run by Barack Obama’s CIA and FBI” seemed to leave something crucial out. There’s been a “missing man.”

Greg Vogle served as Division Director for one of the “spookiest” U.S. government spy agencies, the National Clandestine Service. He worked there from the time Donald Trump announced he was running for President until he was sworn in. However, it now also appears Vogel may have been running the “intelligence” side of the sedition plot “to smear and frame” President Trump for alleged “Russian collusion.”

Another huge piece of the Russiagate scandal fell into place over the weekend when Vogle’s name was added to the list of co-conspirators. Up until now, all of the reporting “of the covert ‘Spygate’ operation run by Barack Obama’s CIA and FBI” seemed to leave something crucial out. There’s been a “missing man,” author David Reznor with Chalet Reports asserts.

“Chalet Reports is prepared to say that the crucial missing piece of the puzzle was Greg Vogle, who at all relevant times was the director of the dirtiest and most criminal division in the history of the CIA.”

Various incarnations of the NCS brought us MKULTRA and quite a number of high profile assassinations around the world. They change the name once in a while, to soften the public relations consequences when one of their black-ops goes wrong.

Reznor lays out how intelligence operatives from British and U.S. intelligence agencies used the global spy network of English speaking countries, called “Five-Eyes,” to closely coordinate their efforts to destroy Donald Trump.

According to Reznor, “Greg Vogle, in his position, had to be aware of, and a knowing party to, the covert operations carried out by Five-Eyes agents provocateur.” The U.S. and U.K. are both Five-Eyes members, along with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

He also had to know about the spies planted into the Trump campaign including Carter Page and Paul Manafort who seem to have been extorted into cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“It is impossible,” Reznor writes, “that Vogle could have avoided being aware of and involved in those criminal operations.”

His division is “responsible for exactly that kind of covert, dirty operations that have been uncovered in recent months.” The CIA publicly admits they are “the national authority for the coordination, de-confliction, and evaluation of clandestine operations across the Intelligence Community.” That includes the Five-Eyes group under international commitments.

As Reznor notes, “it is in those relationships that some of the dirtiest work gets done.”

Vogle’s circle of known close associates includes all the names that have become household words over the past eighteen months, virtually everyone who handled Christoper Steele’s dirty dossier.

On the European side, Vogle is linked directly to Joseph Mifsud, the “Maltese Professor” who told George Papadopoulos the Russians “had emails of Clinton’; ‘they have thousands of emails.’” According to court documents filed late last week by the Democratic National Committee, Mifsud is missing and possibly dead.

Vogle also has close ties to Alexander Downer. The Australian uses his ambassadorship to cover the intelligence work he does for Five-Eyes.

Now that George Papadopoulos has been sentenced to a slap on the wrist, he is free to speak his mind. The first “victim” to be charged by Robert Mueller furiously took to Twitter Monday evening to slam the government’s make-believe story. He’s enraged at the government’s lies.

“The notion that Downer randomly reached out to me just to have a gin and tonic is laughable. Some organization or entity sent him to meet me. For the sake of our republic and the integrity of this investigation, I think it’s time Downer is exposed as Christoper Steele.”

At least as a “false front” proxy for Steele, allegedly.

Christoper Steele is a well known associate of Vogle, along with Stefan Halper, the “contractor” who is alleged to have worked closely with Nellie Ohr, improperly using the NSA security database as if it were Google search. Halper and Ohr likely dug up leads for Steele to use.

Nellie Ohr is the wife of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, who is also implicated in the scheme. One of his roles was to hand carry Steele materials to the FBI so it could be used to get and renew wiretaps on Carter Page, especially after Steele got caught leaking to the media.

Richard Dearlove is another character associated with Vogel on the other side of the pond. Dearlove is former head of MI6. Reznor describes Dearlove as “the Brit-side hub of the destroy-Trump wheel.”

Here in America, Vogle has been well acquainted with key players such as former CIA Director John Brennan, who was his immediate superior. Brennan has been linked with one or more White House meetings to discuss the Carter Page wiretap revelations.

Michael Flynn used to be Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency which made him an excellent selection to serve as a mole. As Reznor puts it, Flynn was “planted in Trump’s campaign for ‘Russian’ ties.”

Bill Priestap served as head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence division and was also Peter Strzok’s superior. Priestap is believed to have “conspired with Downer to create a reason for a Trump-Russia investigation.”

Rounding out the list of high ranking American officials associated directly to Vogle is James Clapper. While working as the Director of National Intelligence, Reznor claims he was the “covert gofer and carrier pigeon for the smear campaign.”

As more and more details come out in a trickle of news releases and committee leaks, the pundits like Reznor “are now able to put together a number of pieces of information that have been reported independently elsewhere.”

For instance, after Greg Vogle retired from the CIA he went to work for Stanley McCrystal. Coincidentally, Michael Flynn used the address of McCrystal’s townhouse “to register his first incarnation of his ‘advisory group’, Flynn Intel Group LLC.”

As political writer Ashton Gray relates, the CIA “is made up entirely of professional liars. They lie for a living.”