PUBLISHED: 6:17 PM 12 Jul 2017

Chicago Gangs Bested As “Free Samples” Plague City

"Free Samples" Of Heroin Have Led To Eight People Hospitalized.

"Free Samples" Of Heroin Have Led To Eight People Hospitalized.

“Free Samples” Of Heroin Have Led To Eight People Hospitalized.

The city of Chicago is known for several reasons. The deep dish pizza available in the city is often said to be the best in the world, the sports teams are known to be champions, and the skyline is absolutely stunning.

However, with all of that beauty, there is a disturbing problem occurring in the city. Chicago is plagued by gang violence, so much so that President Trump was forced to call in the feds to help out the city’s police.

Even though they boast some of the strictest gun laws in the country, the city still saw an average of two murders a day in 2016, and it’s only gotten worse. While the shootings are a big problem, there is something else that is starting to harm the citizens of the Windy City.

Hard drugs are continuing to make their presence on the streets known. Except now they are becoming even more dangerous than before. Chicago police have said that “free samples” of heroin that was contaminated with something else has led to the hospitalization of eight people last weekend.

Heroin On Its Own Is Dangerous, But When It's Laced With Something Else, The Danger Skyrockets.

Heroin On Its Own Is Dangerous, But When It’s Laced With Something Else, The Danger Skyrockets.

Obviously, drugs are a big deal. However, when they are contaminated with foreign substances, the drug has some devastating effects. Unless the police know EXACTLY what is being mixed with it, the people are in serious danger.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson did report some good news. He said that no deaths have occurred with the overdoses. At the same time, he announced on Monday that one woman was being held as a “person of interest” for giving out the drugs.

While it’s a good start, it’s nowhere near enough. Johnson said that police are searching for a man that was seen giving out drugs from his car. This was located on the South Shore neighborhood, but just catching the drug dealers isn’t going to solve the problem.

They have to find the source of the distributors and take them out. Chicago is home to over 2.7 million people, and considering all the violence with the gangs, there are going to be more people willing to distribute the drugs.

The other issue is that Johnson said it was uncommon to see this many drug overdoses. That was one of the only reasons that the case was brought to authorities. If less people were brought in, then the police might not have paid enough attention to it.

Something is being done now, as the city’s police are now cooperating with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate these overdoses. While that is certainly a welcomed development, the city itself should be doing all it can to help out.

Instead, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had done all he could to oppose the agenda of President Donald Trump. Most notably this has been done with his insistence to help illegal immigrants. The liberal Mayor hasn’t been shy about making Chicago a sanctuary city either, doing everything remotely possible to help them along.

The Mayor Of Chicago (Pictured) Has Done A Lot To Help Illegals.

The Mayor Of Chicago (Pictured) Has Done A Lot To Help Illegals.

Chicago has been giving special ID cards to illegals. These special forms of documentation are going to allow illegals in the city to receive certain benefits. Of course, trying to give illegals every little benefit is going to cost money, something Chicago doesn’t have.

It doesn’t help that the city doesn’t have accurate record keeping. At the end of March, the city was investigated for losing $4.6 million in funding for the poor citizens of the city. Originally, it was supposed to be used to create affordable housing, but an an accounting tactic moved much of it “to be used for other purposes.”

It can’t be ruled out that the city was using the money to help out illegals. After all, this was around the same time that the city formally declared themselves a sanctuary city. Nearly $5 million would have been enough to help out people that desperately needed housing.

Where's The Money Rahm?

Where’s The Money Rahm?

So even though Chicago is an amazing city with great food, sports and architecture, it’s becoming too much like a battleground. Gang violence is everywhere, with the local news dominated by shootings. They are dealing with drug problems and overdoses, but the city is choosing to help out with illegals instead.

That sort of message rings loud and clear with the legal citizens of the area. They shouldn’t expect any help, especially if there is an illegal in need. Great job Chicago, your years of being run by Democrats is really working.