Dems Caught!

PUBLISHED: 5:37 PM 11 Dec 2018

Chicago Democrats Commit Election Fraud, Nothing Will Be Done

In Chicago, a David and Goliath story has unfolded, showing massive democrat-controlled election fraud, but nothing is expected to be done.

All 19-year-old David Krupa wanted was to enter politics in his home town, but that didn't fly with the powerful democrat boss.

In Chicago, powerful bosses don’t allow anyone to cut in on their control. But, in a small local race for an alderman, election officials have never seen such a blatant act of fraud. The sad thing is that nothing is expected to be done about it.

“No one can remember anything approaching this,” said an election official.

David Krupa is a 19-year-old freshman at DePaul University who drives a forklift part time. The conservative Southwest Side teenager is studying political science and economics, but when he decided to run for alderman, he took on a major democrat powerhouse.

The Goliath in the story is the 13th Ward Democratic Organization run by House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, aka Boss Madigan. Madigan is considered the most powerful politician in the state.

He traditionally picks his aldermen for their silence, and the current “silent alderman of the 13th Ward is Marty Quinn.”

“I’m from Clearing,” Krupa told a Chicago Tribune reporter.

“All I want to do is get on the ballot to address the serious issues we have, from public safety to taxes. People don’t want to say things out loud here. People who’ve challenged the 13th Ward get intimidated. You know the neighborhood.”

The reporter wrote, “Yes, I do know the neighborhood. For decades, my father and uncle ran a family supermarket in the 13th Ward, at 58th and Pulaski. We’d cash paychecks without charging a check-cashing fee. On government paycheck days, the line of city, county and state workers would ring around the store, for hours upon hours, thousands of them.”

“To get on the ballot, Krupa was required to file 473 valid signatures of ward residents with the Chicago Board of Elections. Krupa filed 1,703 signatures.”

Yet, before he even filed his signatures, an amazing thing happened. Over 2,700 people decided to ‘revoke’ their signatures.

“Revocations are serious legal documents, signed and notarized. Lying on a legal document is a felony and can lead to a charge of perjury. If you’re convicted of perjury, you may not work for a government agency. And I know that there are many in the 13th Ward on the government payroll.”

“More than 2,700 revocations were turned over to the elections board to cancel the signatures on Krupa’s petitions. Chicago Board of Elections officials had never seen such a massive pile of revocations.”

“The board has received a few revocations here and there in very rare electoral board cases over the years,” said election board spokesman Jim Allen.

“They’re pretty rare, and no one can remember anything approaching this volume of filings in past cases,” Allen said.

“For the board, the next step is to begin the hearings on all of the objections that have been filed against any candidates’ nominating petitions. We can’t speculate, though, on the legitimacy or any other legal questions about any of the objections or the corresponding petitions.”

However, the number of revocations is almost double the number of signatures Krupa collected, which clearly indicates false affidavits were filed.

Mike Kasper, the elections lawyer for the 13th Ward, said “we’ll wait for the elections board to take it up when it does.”

When asked about the large number of revocation petitions, Kasper said “it is my practice to decline comment on any pending litigation.”

Such an act is sickening.

“You know the 13th Ward better than I do,” Michael Dorf, Krupa’s attorney said.

“This is clown school and election fraud. This is going way, way beyond the line. David is a huge underdog. Go ahead and beat him on Election Day, or do subtle fraud, like taking away yard signs, but when this number of false affidavits are filed, you’re talking fundamental fraud, epic fraud.

“We turned in 1,703 signatures. We compared them to the 2,796 revocations, and found only 187 matches, meaning only 187 people who signed David’s petitions filed revocations,” Dorf added.

“So, what about the 2,609 people who didn’t sign for David but who filed revocations? That’s fraud. That’s perjury. That’s felony.”

Dorf said that he will ask the elections board next week to refer the matter to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

But Foxx is a democrat, and people know that she won’t want to anger the boss, nor will incoming Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, who “received a million dollars in Madigan political money.”

Of yeah…. current Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is the Boss’ daughter.

No one expects anything to happen here, other than the fact that Krupa will fade away while Boss Madigan’s (and the democrat) political empire will continue.