Dominion Chicago Contract

PUBLISHED: 6:49 PM 23 Nov 2020

Chicago Clerk Illegally Gave Dominion $32 Million Contract, Breaking State Law

Apparently, Georgia's not the only state/official to have made these deals with the devil.

Just wrong. (Source: Tracy Baim YouTube Screenshot)

Dominion voting systems distributed their corruptible software very strategically for the 2020 election, and apparently, they had help.

The Geller Report explained how the Cook County system was illegally arranged:

David Orr is an Illinois socialist. He has been Cook County Clerk since 1991. He is the chief election authority for suburban Cook County, the third largest election jurisdiction in the country.


David Orr has been close to Chicago Democratic Socialists of America since the 1980s.

He was a regular at the annual Chicago Democratic Socialists of America-organized Eugene V. Debs – Norman Thomas – Michael Harrington Dinner.

  • Orr promoted passage of a statewide law that allows senior high school students to serve as election judges, part of the Clerk’s Teen Democracy Program, and has used new technology to layout the county’s multiple ballot formats in house.
  • Following the 2000 presidential election, Orr successfully fought for the rights of Cook County voters to use error-detection technology in future elections that alerts them to mistakes and gives them a “second chance” to make changes or corrections.
  • Also, Orr led the fight for the new early voting legislation, which will allow people to vote over a 20-day period prior to an election without having to provide a reason or excuse. (source)

Terror group support:

Chicago Dominion David Orr

It appears all roads lead back to Chicago — the first domino to fall. The voting system ES&S, based in Nebraska with Thomas Dee of Vedder Price, filed a Federal Complaint that Cook County/Chicago chose an uncertified new system now known as the infamous Dominion 5.5. 

Corrupt Chicago/Cook County, led by the infamous Obama cohort David Orr, awarded Dominion the $32 million contract in a fake RFP (request for proposals) bid long before they were certified, causing Election Systems & Software (ES&S) to sue for awarding the contract.

City Project Excel spreadsheet shows that the award was given to Dominion on same day as the RFP deadline.

David Orr ran Chicago for 28 years from the inside, gave Dominion 10-year contract breaking state rules, below.

This was his big middle finger to Republicans just before he retired in December 2018. Dominion Voting Systems was awarded the $32 million contract before their new 5.5 program was finally approved by EAC in 2018.

No wonder ES&S filed a federal complaint suit.

David Orr: Like a lot of young people in the ’60s, I became somewhat radicalized by my study of history. I did a serious paper on Vietnam in graduate school, and it made me realize the enormous lies the American government was telling us.

Although Cook announced an RFP period March – July 7 2017, I have obtained documentation that indicates:

  • While ES&S was properly protesting (three times) the validity and process, Cook County/David Orr was still proceeding.
  • there was no comparative expert RFP bidders’ evaluation of the multiple prominent bidders ES&S, Hart etc.
  • Dominion was chosen July 7, 2017, which was the “deadline” for all to submit RFPs, and it appears that DVS already progressing prior to deadline.
  • Cook County chose DVS, an uncertified vendor, as ES&S alleges in their Complaint. The timeline that appears on EAC’s data site shows that Dominion had a very difficult time with their new Democracy 5.5 system, finally getting EAC conformance (contingent) 10/2018.
  • David Orr/Cook County entered into a $31Million 10-year contract when it appears “If the Board determines the proposed system is safe, accurate and efficient, it will approve use …on an interim basis not to exceed to two years.” After which applicant/Dominion can apply for final approval. Add-on amendment owner change reveals that Staple Street Capital/hedge fund, based in New York, acquired Dominion.
  • Due to the massive mail-in ballot issue, there was an amendment for equipment added on to contract – at this point Dominion did notate as a United States Registered Manufacturer, they were acquired by Staple Street Capital/hedge fund. This brow-raising update should have been reviewed by a State Board and Federal Elections Committee.
  • The VSTL Pro VV report indicated all the resolutions needed for Dominion to be approved (finally) and recommended approval based on Dominion attesting they would fix the issues.
  • Texas sternly rejected the Dominion 5.5 system 02/2019 and again 11/2019, clearly stating in reports the many issues – which were the same or more than the VSTL found problematic – confirming that the problems were not corrected.

Dominion, with their “We got Chicago!” bragging rights, went to Georgia, Maricopa, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – who now have the Dominion 5.5 program. This is not coincidence.  Notably, Waldeep Singh did admit that in a small Palm Beach County FL election, the software switched votes from one candidate to another – the hand recount changed the winner, as the Palm Beach Post reported. It was a standard audit so they were surprised – that DVS/Sequoia software source still exists.

Background: The progressive Orr was elected 49th Ward alderman in 1979 and served his Rogers Park neighborhood in that capacity for 11 years. Before that, Orr helped run Harold Washington’s first mayoral campaign in 1977.

When Washington, then entering his second term as mayor of Chicago, unexpectedly died in office in 1987, Orr succeeded his mentor and spent eight days as interim mayor. It was a very tumultuous political time that included the so-called Council Wars.

In 1991, Orr was elected Cook County clerk. The office oversees the third largest election district in the United States.

The Cook County Board approved a $31 million upgrade to election equipment that Orr hopes will go online in 2019. He is also hoping the legislature approves a number of reforms including lowering the number of petition signatures required to get on the ballot, signing those petitions via electronic tablet, and to push the primary election two weeks later to allow more time for challenges to be adjudicated.

Corrupt Chicago/Cook County, led by infamous Obama cohort David Orr, awarded Dominion the $32 million contract in a fake RFP bid, causing ES&S to sue for awarding the contract long before they were certified. City project Excel spreadsheet shows award given to dominion same day as RFP deadline.