City Bends Rules

PUBLISHED: 3:31 PM 10 Apr 2018

Chicago City Officials Bend The Rules For Obama’s “Presidential Library”

They are putting historical sites in jeopardy and this is not even truly a presidential library.

This center is more like a shrine and many people are not happy about it.

It has already been observed that those building the Obama Center, being built in Chicago, Illinois have run over 125-year old elements of American history as it pertains to the Chicago World Fair. The whole endeavor is ruining a neighborhood, too. Even fellow blacks who mention this are somehow attacked for being racist. As if the foolishness could not reach a higher level, it has, as the American Thinker has shown.

The “Obama Presidential Center” is again in the news for all of the wrong reasons as people are understanding what is it not. This neighborhood eyesore is “not a presidential library, and it is not part of the National Archives,” for example. None of the president’s papers shall be there and this will prove to be “little if any value to historians and scholars of his presidency.” The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 has already been all but nullified in order to advance this project at all costs.

In other words, it is as if Obama is having a shrine to built to him in Chicago as if he were Nebuchadnezzar.

This “private building” is also funded by “private donations,” so those claiming that they had little to no say in its placement are correct in their assessment.

This is just going to be a place with basketball courts and “community rooms” so that others can engage in the political activism of which the community organizer was known for. This is nothing that could not have built in half the cost by almost anyone without ruining the whole character of the city and historical sites. The monstrosity will affect Jackson Park and Midway Plaisance, two sites from the nation’s very first World Fair.

Jackson Park Watch, a citizens group in the area, found that the builders seem “to be skipping over the hard part and moving toward a conclusion before the facts are considered.” The group observed that “Openland’s CEO Jerry Adelmann, at last Thursday’s Section 106 meeting,” found “significant problems with the process the City’s Department of Planning and Development and Department of Transportation are following as they conduct the required federal review of the proposals for the Obama Presidential Center and the related road changes it requires.

It is a testimony to the way that even the simplest of things were costly yet underperforming during Obama’s 8 years (think “Obamacare“). Just building a few basketball courts has more opposition and rumors of shady deals than ever thought possible!

The public was not consulted about any of the details of the center and they were never allowed to raise any concerns to the level where they would be heard. There was no “purpose of need” that puts a project up for review, either, the Jackson Park Watch has found.

The group writes, “they have instead drafted their own ‘purpose and need’ statement without public input.

It was also found that the practice of “taking protected properties on the National Register of Historic Places and handing them over to a private party” is what has allowed this neo-shrine to even be possible.

Locals may not even have a place to park in the area once everything is complete. Maybe the city will open an area that charges them, which is more than likely, considering the greed and disrespect shown thus far.

Perhaps this center should go up, however. The trampling of the rights of everyone in that part of the city can live as a testimony to the way that President Obama trampled the rights of the American people for almost a decade in the White House.