Activists March

PUBLISHED: 5:36 PM 31 Jul 2018

Chicago Activists Demand Emanuel Resign Over City Violence

Activists are demanding Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to resign.

Prominent activists are demanding Chicago Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson resign before a massive protest in the city is scheduled for this week, according to The Chicago Tribune. Emanuel is being threatened by the “call of the people” demanding his resignation. In fact, they are implying that their fight is the same as Dr. King’s. Given that Reverend King also marched against democrats, they have point.

Activists say Emanuel and Johnson should resign for their failure to combat the historic rise in gang and gun violence in the city. Leaders have also taken issue with Emanuel giving Black Lives Matter nearly everything they asked in a previous meeting, including ordering police to make fewer arrests in the city. Emanuel also reportedly agreed to a “new society” with BLM that would give African Americans more power over the police to determine which cases officers acted appropriately or not with minorities, the Federalist Papers reported.

Given Emanual has been a prominent name with Democrats for years, many would agree that local activists calling for his resignations is a big deal.

Rev. Gregory Livingston told the Tribune that he organized a large group of people and that they plan to walk through rush hour traffic in the city on Thursday.

The protest will more than likely stall traffic across the major areas in the city while the organizers are walking through the busy streets. Livingston said the march is against the crime in the city, where violence across remained at historic levels for years.

For many years, Chicago has been one of the most violent cities in the nation, where murders, robberies, assaults, and gang violence have plagued the city. The continued rise in gang violence has had a major effect on the city, where many people have been forced to leave the for safety concerns.

As more people left the city, experts argue it paved the way for gangs to expand their reach, snatch more territory, and further exacerbate the turf wars with other violent groups.

Livingston told the Tribune that many of the group’s marchers are deeply committed to the goal of forcing Emanuel to resign, and they are prepared to be arrested.

“We have people who are committed, who are ready to get arrested,” Livingston said. “And those who don’t, they’ll stay back. But certainly, people are going to get arrested. And we will have attorneys and people who will provide resources to bail them out.”

Livingston said he and many others were offended when Emanuel endorsed the protest.

“The call of the people is ‘Resign Rahm,’” Livingston said. “So how, then, can you back your own regime change? How do you sanction your own termination? How dumb, naive and self-hating do you think we are?”

“The protest route has been well publicized. We have no need to talk with Superintendent Johnson,” Livingston added. “Did Dr. King talk strategy with Bull Connor? With Gov. George Wallace?”

He said he found it hypocritical that the mayor was endorsing calls for combating crime in the city, yet almost nothing has been done to actually quell the rising crime across Chicago.

As many have contended, Emanuel has done little to nothing to actually combat gang violence. And now, top activists in the city have organized a massive event demanding his resignation.