PUBLISHED: 5:53 PM 1 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 12:33 AM 2 Aug 2016

Chelsea Clinton’s Latest Job (Hint: She Makes $27,000 For Doing Nothing)


This past Friday, the website released some new information regarding the daughter of “Former First Lady” Hillary Clinton. This information, considered to be “closely held details” shows something horrible about Chelsea Clinton and her contract with NBC.

The story says that allegedly, Clinton was receiving over half a million dollars, “$600,000” just for joining NBC as a “special correspondent” back in November of 2011. What does earning 600,000 dollars just for becoming part of NBC mean? Well, it means that Clinton earns ” $26,724″ for every minute she is on TV.

NBC news refused to confirm’s findings. In fact, a Politico representative told Politico:” Don’t comment on details of existing contracts.” Politico also said Clinton’s contract was going to “expire”, noting that it was “up for renewal or non renewal this year.”

Additionally, Politico also said that Clinton has now been “placed on the payroll on a month by month basis” to give her some times to end her contracts with NBC if Hillary Clinton, her mother, ran for President in 2016.

Now, if we are to believe that’s findings are accurate, this means Clinton would still be “earning the same rate after moving to month by month payment.” This would mean that Chelsea Clinton has now been paid over 1.5 million by NBC.

Business has said that Clinton’s most recent NBC appearances have “included new segments” where she has given interviews to Geico’s “gecko” mascot. She has also appeared in so-called “feel-good pieces”, such as one “on foster grandparents” and another on a “program to provide therapy dogs to soldiers.”

Clinton has also been interviewed by NBC reporters on her work with charities and her “role in President Obama’s inauguration.” Overall, Clinton’s appearances on NBC have lasted for just under an hour, or 58 minutes.

What does this all mean? Well, it confirms that Clinton has made over 25,000 dollars for every MINUTE she appears on NBC. This also means she makes over $400 dollars every second she is on TV. She has been living the good life just for being a “First Kid”

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